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Praan and the people go alone to pay the most for the household

According to the concept, thieves and vandals are the greatest risk for households. Based on official crime statistics, the Czech Republic is divided into areas from the point of view of the risk of burglary. People living in the most risky area pay for insured households and thousands of crowns more than those who lived in cities with low crime.

The price of the final insurance premium is influenced, for example, by the insurance premiums, the co-insurance premium, various bonuses, which reduce the final insurance premium, and thus the location in which the insurance household is located. Insurance companies distinguish localities for insurance rates mainly from the point of view of the risk of burglary.

SOB Pojiovna does not have a risk of credit in the basic insurance

According to estimates, only every household in the Czech Republic is connected. Many people underestimate the danger of property damage and loss.

The most common risks to property are burglary and vandalism, natural events (pores, explosions, lightning strikes, airplanes, hail, windstorms), plumbing caused by malfunctions in waterworks and floods.

Beware of how the risks will involve your connected household. For example, unlike all other insurance companies, which have a risk of cardiac and vandalism in basic insurance policies, you must have additional insurance against the household at SOB Pojiovny.

The only risk and other events can be found in the basic insurance of all insurers.

Only some insurance companies have the risk of floods or flooding in their basic insurance policies, for others you have to arrange them in the form of a connection. You are insured against flooding, for example, at esk podnikatelská pojiovny, Direct pojiovny, and at the same time against floods then go at esk pojiovny and pojiovny UNIQA.

Of course, each insurance company individually risks in the basic insurance includes some, against which you have to insure yourself with another insurance company. An example is pept in electrical appliances. Wstenrot has a connection box in the basic fuse, but you must have it connected to the Czech connection box.

Many people also agree with the connected household on additional responsibilities for the code that household members may incur. For AXA and UNIQA connections, this connection is included in the basic insurance.

Pojiovny statutes the premium rate according to the crime of localities

The city where the household is located affects the calculation of insurance premiums. Vi insurance premiums cannot be categorically determined according to the size of the city, the main indicators are official crime statistics for different regions.

“There are cities where statistically significant and probability is stolen, ie a significant risk. And cities where this risk is her. This will then be reflected in the code and logically in the price, ”says Renata Werlikov from Generali Pojiovna.

In most cases, the insurance companies have the Czech Republic divided roughly into three classes, first according to the degree of risk of burglary. In the first most risky and at the same time with the highest insurance, there are always Prague, in cities and so in cities, which are secluded, a few hundred meters from the inhabited buildings. The second group consists of municipal district cities and the least risky cities and municipalities.

Only at SOB Pojiovny does the position in the basic insurance effect affect the price of the insurance premium. If the client insures the risk of theft and vandalism, the insurance will be paid first according to the risk of burglary.

Dal risk, which affects the insurance, is the risk of floods and floods. For example, the Czech business insurance company is based on the level of riskiness of the region and determined in the insurance premium from the flood maps.

Kooperativa and esk pojiovna are the most expensive

For an overview of the insurance premium, we have prepared a general example of an insurance household for two insurance companies (500 thousand and a million crowns) and two localities (Prague and the city, eg Chrudim). The addressed insurance companies sent them insurance premiums for both variants and localities.

Ron’s insurance premium for CZK 500,000 in the basic insurance policy for Prague ranges from less than CZK 1,000 (SOB Pojiovna) to CZK 2,755 (Kooperativa). Due to the fact that the basic insurance of SOB Pojiovny does not include the risk of theft and vandalism as with other insurance companies, its piping will get the price of the insurance roughly in the middle of the field.

The cheapest insurance policy is then issued by the Czech Business Insurance Company, where a household in Prague for 500 thousand crowns will cost 1,052 crowns. Detailed insurance prices for both variants and locations can be found in the table.

The most expensive connection for a city is the Czech insurance company. On the other hand, its basic insurance also covers the risk of floods and floods, which clients have to insure for most other insurance companies.

How to reduce the price of insurance

The basic price you should pay for insurance may not be final. You can dream it, for example, by paying ron and not you quarterly. Or arrange a co-payment. Some insurance clients reduce their insurance premiums in the coming years, unless they have reported one insurance event. And if you take out another insurance policy with the insurance household, you can have insurance insurance by 20 percent.

A necessary prerequisite for arranging a good fuse is to have a sufficient security of the input two. Pojiovny exchanges the basic rate by 10 and 50 percent.

Thus, the client’s co-payment (ie the amount that the client applies to the code) is a reward for the insurance company with a discount from the premium, which can reach up to 21 percent with a high co-payment (Czech insurance company – co-payment of 20 thousand crowns).

When choosing together, take into account the values ​​of the household. Your co-payment will pay off for households comfortably equipped with equipment in the breath of a million crowns, when even a high insurance premium and a discount for co-participation will represent an interesting bonus. The co-participation of the household insurance premium for her will only include crowns in the insurance account, and in the event of an insurance claim with a low code, it may happen that the insurance pension will not be paid to you.

Most of the couples make up the castle castles. The so-called Subordinate (semi-annual or quarterly) payments can be 3 and 6 percent higher.

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