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Practical advice on how to recognize quality pearls from the bottom for crowns

The popularity of pearls in pearls in the Czech Republic is growing. With their growing popularity, however, even the clever ones have sprouted, who try to pretend that even perlm doesn’t understand much. Nefrov traders, for example, buy pearls for 200 and 300 crowns. Add gold and close in turn for seven thousand crowns.

Before the order, the sellers do not work hard to offer very high quality goods. People who don’t know the pearls get caught and close a very bad deal.

“For example, in some retailers in Prague I saw pearl necklaces for 30 thousand crowns. But it was a complete disaster. The pearls were of poor quality with a thin layer of mother-of-pearl, the individual pearls in the necklace were not separated by a knotted bead weave. The salesman told me that separating pearls with a knot is not possible today, ”says Eva Toledo Flores, a perkacist who has been making pearls from pearls for several years.

Eva Toledo came to pearls in Italy, where she lived with her husband. “Here is the nose of a pearl at any age, young women and you to trick. Pearls are very popular here, ”he explains. according to her experience, they started to taste the pearls just before the flight. “Going in 2008 was to get a classic pearl necklace in big cities, such as Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Today, these perks are vude, in a variety of qualities, sizes and prices. ”

Before Christmas, the sale of pearls and aunts will increase

And for the popularity of pearls in Esk Rise? “Pearls are timeless and do not succumb to copper trends like gold and silver pearls. When the eighteen-year-old gets them to graduation, you will be wearing them at the age of 50. Czech women began to look for pearls due to the fact that it is still more visible on prominent celebrities. Very often pearls the nose of the president’s wife, for example, the first US lady Michelle Obama. We have Dagmar Havlov’s nose and a lot of service, ”remarked the perkaka.

Behind the number of sales is the fact that pearl perks do not have to be so expensive and I can afford them practically everyone. “The nunice will cost you only two hundred crowns, and the real pearls will be worth hundreds of crowns and more. They are always bad for the quality and size of the pearls and the processing of the pearl itself. According to human labor, the price is the same. A quality pearl necklace can cost you several thousand crowns. ”

According to expert estimates, the sale of pearls increased before the years of Christmas and otetina. If you don’t know much about pearls and you don’t want to be deceived by a miserable merchant, there are a few proven tips to choose from when choosing a pearl.

In recent years, many new sellers of pearls and pearl perks have appeared in the Czech Republic. If a trader claims to say that his shop is certified, he must. “Certificates are issued for each perk separately, there is no way for the seller to have a certificate issued in the store for whatever he sells,” points out Eva Toledo.

It is always worthwhile to go around the store and compare not only prices, but also the pearls.

The shape, size, possible defects and color testify to the quality of the pearls. Always look at the pearls in good light. Note that there are no flocks of pearls, pits, ridges, or blemishes. “If there are rhyme on the pearl, it is the cheapest variety. When pearls are irregular, even in this case the price is not high, even if they have a certain price. But it is definitely not investin quality. For pearl necklaces with pearls of low quality, I would give no more than 300 and 400 crowns, ”says the perkaka.

If you want to buy a track drek and have a pension for them, you should choose a large quality pearl. “You have to look nice, colorful, and if you are even fodder, the color must always be uniform. The pearl must be regular and there must be no extreme dents, flows or other unevenness. Such mosquito pearls are then worth tens of crowns, freshwater ones are a bit cheaper. “

When choosing a necklace, pay attention to how the pearls are threaded. If you find out that pearls are strung like beads, bute ostrait, such strings are ready in a moment and the low price must correspond to that. A quality pearl must have a pearl bond, which means that there are knots between the individual pearls. The knots must be firmly attached to the pearls so that the individual pieces do not move. If the necklace tears, the pearls will not fall apart due to the knots.

If you are buying an expensive necklace, make sure that the pearls at the closure are the same size and quality as the center. They should all be of the same quality and the same damage. “If they have pearl pearls, they should appear on practically everything.”

For nuns, make sure that the pearl is not drilled through and through. “In such a case, the beads were taken from the pearl, which is cheaper. Pearls bought in a strip of nuns are expensive and very piercing only the wall. Also, make sure that the bead is glued precisely and that no glue is visible. ”

Real pearls have a specific shine, the artificial pearls are reminiscent of glass with their shine and their shine is uniform. Do not recognize false pearls even if they are perfectly round. “If the bead of the line, the unevenness is even slightly flattened, it means that it is right. Surfaces of imperfections to the right pearls, ”adds the expert.

You can recognize a real pearl from synthetic by a small test. “But at that moment you must have both pearls at hand. When you lightly rub the real pearl against a tooth, pay attention to the fact that it will stick slightly, because the pearl has a grainy structure. There is no need to push so that the beads do not break. If you do this with a fake pearl, it will slide smoothly on the tooth, ”the perkaka advice.

Pearls spoil me with perfume and cosmetics

And how to treat pearls so that you do not damage them and preserve their value? “Pearls must not be sprayed with hairspray or perfumed. If we treated pearls repeatedly in this way, they would lose their luster. Not even a layer of cosmetics should get on them, so the pearls should be put on the neck and full for hours after pouring. If there is an accident, wash the pearls with water or a damp cloth. ”

Pearls should not come into contact with another perk. They should not be on the neck together with the gold or silver chain, so that the pearl does not shrink and lose its luster. Pearls so don’t like gas heat. If you wear them often in the sun and in tropical heat, they will lose their luster. On the other hand, when pearls are nosed often, they take in from the moisture and remain shiny.

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