Wednesday May 25, 2022

Prices rose by 2 percent. Most for a year

The price level rose at the earliest this year. In the intermittent comparison, it reached two percent, said the Czech statistical ad. Compared to August, however, purchases fell by three tenths of a percent, mainly due to cheaper exits.

The prices of some foodstuffs rose the most. According to statistics, statistics increased by a quarter, products fell by six percent and potatoes even by 60 percent.

The thorn slightly decreased, the regulated double-digit strengthened

People had to pay more pensions for such rent, but only those who lived in apartments with regulated rent. “Again, while the thorn is falling sharply by 0.8 percent, regulation is growing at a rate of 17.1 percent,” said Citfin analyst Tom Volf.

Gas, heat and water prices rose, while prices of clothing, shoes and mobile phones became cheaper.

In the meantime, prices fell by 0.3%, mainly due to discounts at the last minute, which became cheaper by 15 percent. The prices of petrol, beer and sugar fell sharply compared to August.

Although meziron prices have risen the most this year, they are not a darkening brake for the economy.

“The price level in R is very stable and inflation is low. With the growth of NB’s rates in the dark and piblin per year, ”said Raiffeisenbank analyst Michal Broka.

Energy prices will rise in 2011, inflation will remain low

At the end of the year, according to him, prices can be expected to rise by about 2.4 percent. Consequently, the growth of energy prices and regulated prices and thus VAT will increase.

“Even with this and with a certain increase in commodity prices on world markets, the environment should remain low in the Czech Republic for five years now, as consumer demand is weak and a strong koruna is likely to curb price growth in a long time,” Broka predicts.

According to him, the average inflation rate should only slightly exceed the central bank’s 2% inflation rate in the first year.

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