Wednesday May 25, 2022

Prices rose by pl percent in May. Healthy beer and banny

The people paid an average of 0.5 percent more for the purchase in May, not in April. Food and soft drinks grew the most. Some goods, such as cosmetics or refrigerators, were cheaper.

Prices in May rose by 2 percent, accelerating the pace of the pedal by 1.6 percent in April.

Of food, mainly bakery products have risen, which is related to the rise in cereals by seven percent. Bn pastry increased by darkness, bread by 12 percent. Pekrny derived their prices by increasing input costs, in addition to flour, paying more for electricity or fuel. (tte Merchants raised the price of pastries, forced them to do the best baking)

In addition to pastries, there was a double-digit increase in the price of banners, and apples also rose sharply, with all fruit rising by an average of three percent.

V kvtnu, pestoe mrnji ne v poslednch mscch, tak pokraovalo zdraovn pohonnch hmot. Gasoline Natural 95 twisted its historic maximum to 35.21 K per liter.

From the month to the month cheaper clothes, shoes, refrigerators and freezers, equipment for data processing and carrier copper for the meaning of sound and image and so cosmetics.

Mobile phones have become the cheapest since the last year

Meziron was even more heavily healed by aunts and flour by 40 percent. The prices of pasta, milk, butter, oil, sugar and cocoa increased by more than 10 or 20 percent compared to the losk. The highest prices are for mobile phones, audio equipment and photographic equipment and household appliances. Vegetables and eggs also fell in price by 15 percent.

“The sharply strong inflation pushes the Czech market mainly due to strong crowns, which compensates for high prices on world markets. This is especially true of food, which had a significant impact on inflation in the past month. However, if the koruna weakened, inflation could rise by a few more tenths of a percentage point, ”thinks Home Credit analyst Michal Kozub.

According to Raiffeisen analyst Michal Broka, inflation approached the NB two times, which was not expected, and this increases the rapid growth of annual rates. The price level will probably increase in the near future.

“Inflation rates are likely to rise in the future. Gas prices should increase in June and July, which is a consequence of the development of commodity prices on world markets, “said Broka.

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