Wednesday May 25, 2022

Prmrn plat na jin Morav je o 1 585 korun ni ne celosttn prmr

Last year, South Moravia increased the average wage by as much as 4.5 percent, which is higher than in previous years. It follows from the Czech statistical series that employees in the region received an average of 22,013 crowns per month last year. So about 946 crowns in more than a year or two. This is despite the crisis that even a large company had.

According to Cyrrus analyst Marek Hatlapatka, such a number is surprisingly high, but as he pointed out, the reasons are not very positive.

Marek Hatlapatka

“For example, wages in the fourth quarter were so high, among other things, due to the severance payments received by the people, their employers have not had them with them since the new year,” said the analyst.

The unflattering factor is the fact that the people with below-average wages have been hit hard.

“In addition, employees work full-time on various forms of wall-shaped beams, which is not taken into account in the statistics. Therefore, in terms of hours worked, wages would not grow at such a pace, ”said the analyst.

This is evidenced by the fact that the wage costs of companies in southern Moravia last year reached 111.6 billion crowns, which is the same as in two years.

Salaries will increase by only a hundred crowns

According to economists, a favorable development can be expected for this year. Most of the companies intended to keep their wages at the same level, or increase them by only a hundred crowns.

And it will be more than last year due to budget problems.

Wages, for example, will certainly not increase this year at the manufacturer of medical and hygienic needs Hartmann Rico, who operates in Veversk Btka.

“Due to zero inflation, the expected strengthening of the koruna against the euro and the current unfavorable economic situation,” said two external relations managers Irena Mal.

It is similar elsewhere. “We do not raise wages, we do not put up conditions. This is the case with all van Gansewinkel companies in the country, ”described Pavel Ivnyi, the board of directors of the group processing industrial and municipal waste, in December.

give distortion income manager

Most employees do not reach the average wage. distort the high salaries of managers or employees from above-standard evaluated fields such as banking or information technology.

For example, Martin Prochzka from Znojmo, who worked at the end of last year, worked on it. It has been without work since the winter. Even for the original salary, which amounted to 15 thousand gross, he would have to rejoin, but he can not. His company, like he gave a hit, and now he’s not hiring anyone.

“You just don’t have a family and I don’t feed your family,” he tells him.

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