Friday May 20, 2022

Pro drky do zahrani?

People from the border have an advantage. Their possibilities, where to buy drone, spread to the shops next door. It pays to go to Austria, Germany and Poland for some to go. In Slovakia, it is again appropriate to have a good time in a restaurant.

Polish markets are rising with low prices. The biggest hits, ie products that are significantly cheaper than in the country, are currently, among other things, compact grills and gas ovens and stoves. You can also use the sugar cane here. Or kuata, pay 36 crowns per kilogram. So he made trees and decorations are offered about an aunt cheaper than in the Czech Republic.

Germany and Austria, in turn, pay off those who buy characters dressed, perfumes, electronics, furniture and furniture. But be careful, don’t apply it here and there. Wrong about which type of goods you buy and where. For example, if a digital photo camera or DVD in a domestic stone shop is in action, you can file it for less than a neighbor and vice versa. In the case of electronics, these prices have recently leveled off a lot and, for example, Czech online stores can easily beat stony competition abroad for many types of products.

When buying a character’s clothing, it pays to pay a sale. Winter usually starts in January. Discounts are more pronounced not in the Czech Republic, but they can reach up to seven percent, where domestic sellers sometimes end up at fifty percent, and these discounts may apply only to the rest of the goods.

Have a rich Christmas! Don’t have a pension? Nevad. You don’t have to pay now, but and it will come in handy, tell the company, merchants and banks. Vce HERE.

Hypermarkets have benefits

Due to the presence of large retail chains, for example, the price of daily goods, such as shower gels and general drugstore goods and household needs, has been unified. Once the amp is cheaper in Germany and Austria, the second time in the Czech hypermarket. For example, Palmolive gel showers were offered abroad in Germany at a price of 51 crowns, in a supermarket in Prague they were at the same time for 59 crowns, and at a discount about ten crowns cheaper. And in order for traders to get confused more about driving, play with the prices in one shop and one sign: for example, the Lund Hogen chair is offered in the Czech branch of Ikea for 6990 crowns, buy it in Germany about 400 crowns and in Austria 100 crowns cheaper. . On the contrary, the set of Thisted Rand runks will be the cheapest in Austria (450 crowns), followed by Czech (499 crowns), in Germany it is offered for less than six hundred crowns and in Poland even in the price for 988 crowns.

It is therefore worthwhile to take a calculator with you for purchases abroad and arm yourself with basic information about prices in Czech shops. You can compare prices here and abroad on the Internet. For example, if you open the national Ikey pages (,,…). You can compare similarly on the H&M clothing store website. You will find a specific product and find out the price in different countries ..

You can find out the prices of goods in special events of traders on the website, which links to the addresses of individual chains. You can also find out about the dealer’s events at

Lpe with card not with cash

You do not have to go abroad with a payment card, of course, provided you have an international type. But that’s the way it is, hls banks. It’s more comfortable and safe not to go with a full pocket of pensions. Most merchants in Germany or Austria accept cards. On the contrary, you should get enough cash on the Polish market. If you buy characters or goods, you do not have to worry about complaints. Within the European Union, the salary will end two years. The local services should be able to issue complaints in the event of brands offered by us as well.

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