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Professional businessman blooms on the best baldness

Trading on commodity markets is a serious business and in this spirit you need to approach it. Easy washing and the rest of the experiment will cost you a lot of money.

There are a number of reasons why traders lose their pensions and which we should avoid vigorously. The following seven guaranteed ways to lose your pension are based on a series of research among losing traders, and these “ways” are also generally described as one of the most common general reasons for traders to lose money in the market.

1. Dvat na tipy druhch
If you decide to trade on the basis of someone else’s tip, we guarantee that you will not earn the pension. Unfortunately, the commodity business is not so simple that it is enough to blindly follow the tips of other types of shops without any of your own barrels and bumps. During the whole career in the shop, we did not know a single hunter who would get rich by trading tip types. Instead, we met many traders who lost their whole world in this way.

Brokerage houses are a commercially recommended classic course. Many brokers create and publish analyzes, forecasts and tips on trades at work. Many brokerage houses employ a number of specialized analysts for this purpose. With their analyzes, they try to give the impression of vs brokerage houses how to welcome them and put their pensions into them.

This is definitely not a sensible way to trade. The first reason for this is to simply remember that brokerage houses go only from brokerage commissions. So their primary concern is not to earn pensions, but to generate as much business as possible, ie trade as much as possible. To do this, then, in your own sense, try to pinch yourself in any way.

One of the most basic and legally legal ones is the constant publication of various analyzes and tips. If they will be traded in any way, it is likely that you will trade and thus generate commissions (ie the income of a brokerage house). In addition, the old certificate proves true: we publish more forecasts, the more likely it is that some of them will come out.

First of all, I serve brokerage houses as proof of my hurry, do not talk about those that do not speak.

The kind of reason for not looking at business tips of all kinds is to go straight for taking tips on shops from someone who goes to work by bus? In other words, if the tips on the shops worked so quickly, their writer would be able to make money on them and not let himself be rented by a brokerage house. In a nutshell and time, trading on a stock tip species does not fall among the spn style of trading.

And even if, by chance, some tips actually have long-term results, then it pays that even in commodity trading, everyone must act for themselves. It is a highly individual business and what works for one may not work for the other. Where we have a different degree of risk tolerance and a different degree of risk.

2. Nepouvat stop-loss
Failure to stop-loss is probably the biggest trading risk and also the biggest trading risk you can ever take. Trading without a stop-loss is like voluntarily rising to the brink of an abyss and waiting for what will happen. Traders without a stop-loss are the ones who lose their pensions the fastest, even the entire name.

The fact is, however, that really and half of all the losing traders are in no hurry for not fixing or incomparing stop-loss! Skuten. A few years ago, an extensive study was conducted among several hundred brokerage houses to find out how the most common reasons are for clients who lose their pensions. The absence of a stop-loss was a reason that led me to the first place! Many traders were not aware of the need to place a stop-loss in the market, along with each trade.

Other traders, on the other hand, consider stop-loss to be the rest of the reasons, they are different, stubbornness and stupidity. For other traders, their own psyche plays a role: the moment it turns out that the market is not going in their right direction, increase or completely eliminate its stop-loss in the hope that the market will turn in their direction again! This will open up unlimited losses, which will one day become a reality.

3. Trade the system without sufficient back-testing and paper-trading
In order to profit, we must have a profitable trading system. And it is not possible to build a deep history of data without subsequent back-testing and subsequent testing in real markets in the form of paper-trading. However, trading without tried-and-tested, meaningful trading is only an impulsive pseudo-trading, comparable to lotteries. The bohuel bag of such a lottery, in the long run, overflows with a lot of losses and slowly cuts out of the merchant here, and its size is equal to zero.

However, in the absence of a business transaction, the change in the study system was the reason why traders most often lose their pensions. Needless to say, one of them then with a high probability traded on the basis of tip species. Back-testing (or market and testing trading strategies on historical data) and paper-trading (long-term trading with fictitious pensions) are an absolute necessity for a businesswoman who wants to succeed in the future.

does it take the rest of the time? Mon. There is really no need to rush anywhere in the store. These are our pensions, so you need to think about, test and do your best to pay time. If we are going to buy a new car, then we will pass, compare, research and test a series of MSCs on test drives. Even in the case of trading, you need to test and improve a number of msc until we have a system that we are able to trade with.

Without a trading system (or trading full) it is not possible to trade profitably. m del is the history of trade in rmci back-testing and more trade traded in rmci paper-trading, tm lpe. It is not possible to determine the accuracy and characteristics of the trading system (trading methods) on the lack of a trade sample. Who goes to trade his system live on the basis of 2030 paper or back-test trades, the one with a high probability of two or later at once.

4. Trade because you have to spend something today
This is one of the most misconceptions of today’s marketers. As a classic employee, business cannot be fulfilled by dividing at least as much or every month as much every day. Markets are constantly changing, one month can be there, the other can be lost.

Therefore, meeting the thermal profit is not complete and try to trade only to spend something at any price today, or only because I need a new car for the holidays by summer, it leads only to a dream of caution and the plinth of the store, where it will be High probability to profit only and only in the broker. Markets can be tdr and they can overwhelm many pensions, for such an overdue you have to be able to repent.

In the general market salary, e “Christmas does not come in December. Compared to an amateur, a professional businessman knows how to grow only on the best of skin. She doesn’t trade because I feel she has to, because she needs a pension or because I feel she hasn’t traded for a long time. First of all, this is one of the greatest skills of trading.

5. Trade because you have to pay your pension back
You find the situation worse if the trader feels that he has to give back his lost pension immediately. In such a case, the trader begins to deal with the aggressor and his trader transfers from a rational consideration to equal emotions.

Dealing with emotions or even under the control of emotions is again guaranteed a lost way. The world of trading is full of such pbh. This is very often the case with existing intraday traders. Their first trade ended in a small loss, e.g. 50 USD. Not only will the new bag get the feeling that such a low stunt must be able to send back quickly. So enter the next trade and lose twice to 100 USD. Frustration will work, emotions will take root and the businessman will get back with an aggressive dream of losing his pension. Within hours, my loss will increase to 1,000 USD and more!

So never put pressure on yourself like “I have to give back my pension. Such a pressure actually in the crushing day of the pension will not bring. If you lose your intraday business pension and you feel like you have to go back that day (or at least one of them), then you’d better forget about the business for the rest of the day and enjoy a lot of pensions. Kind of a day for a lot of new baldness.

6. Trade because you haven’t traded in a long time
It is actually similar to what we described in point 4. While in our regular employees we are used to being paid for our constant activity, in the commodity business we will very often be rewarded for, on the contrary, to carry out activities as little as possible.

Being able to think only of trades in full accordance with our business purpose and the idea of ​​a “good constellation of the market” is another key to profits. On the other hand, the effort to trade only because we feel that we have not traded for a long time, and therefore we have to trade, is due to the need for adrenaline and the need to earn pensions.

If you ask an experienced trader what is best for them, he is often unable to cope with losses, but not to trade if there is nothing. Many traders can spend on short-term pensions in the market, but few people can keep the accumulated profits in the long run.

Most of the traders have returned to the market two or later, due to the fact that they cannot get away with the markets when the markets do not trend or when they do not receive a signal to enter the position. In such a case, a number of people will start to trade, see them where they are not, or trade very weak signals that they would not normally trade. No wonder, then, that accumulated profits disappear faster than they were created.

7. Failure to comply with business terms
The last and most frequent reason for failure in business is repeated incompetence and violation of business. For most newcomers, it is even the same problem of their initial failures.

It is necessary to realize that failure to do business is like filling a trip to Croatia and going to a village instead. Suppose you want to earn a pension, but you will only achieve such a goal if you take the first path, which is, of course, in business.

Anything else that does not comply with the business situation is still an impulsive, unpredictable one under the influence of emotions, which leads only to long-term losses. As you fulfill your business from the point of view of business, it is also necessary to adhere to it. Business is something we have long tested in back-testing and subsequent paper-trading.

This means that in order to achieve positive results, as was the case in paper trading (and if we did not achieve positive results at this time, we should not engage in “sharp trading), we must trade fully as well as in the case of paper-trading.

If you can fully follow the problems of the business, try e.g. describe on a sheet of paper all life situations in which we managed to fully achieve some (even minor) duties and rush.

And you will have a tendency to completely break your business again, take these notes by hand and at that moment you will realize again that compliance is always fully paid. It should at least help me. So many for the seven reasons why traders most often lose their pensions. Don’t really underestimate either of them.

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