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Promising input: Save pensions

Modern coins can be a good investment. Numismatic superstar became it soon after its release in 1994, a commemorative two hundred crowns in the peak quality of the 650th year of the founding of the Prague archbishopric, among collectors known as the Cathedral of St. Vta.

The original selling price of 319 crowns reached 27,000 crowns for some retailers in space and will go to growth in particular. The Czech National Bank (NB) sold it out very soon, also in the collection it is available only to those who are familiar with the new system of selling commemorative coins and bet on coins of proof (proof).

According to experts, most of these coins from the total cost of 2500 are in the safes of the Prague archbishopric and are used for their representatives. It can also be issued on coins that were issued recently, only a year ago. Not only the popularity of Voskovec and Werich contributed to the rapid sale of these commemorative coins, both white and high quality. At the same time, peak quality is offered today at some Prague retailers for 3000 crowns.

Forget which investment company today will value the cash deposit in the dark at 940 percent? In the case of commemorative coins issued by the NB, potential investors may have one more guarantee, namely that even at any time, regardless of the situation on the stock exchange and the level of world gold and silver prices, they will always receive the nominal value of coins in cash at the NB treasury. It does not offer the form of valuable beams.

Buy Jeka

So what to recommend this year? Subscription to a set of commemorative coins, for example at a branch of the Czech Numismatic Society or at the European Numismatic Library in Prague, which provides these services for light. The best is the coin in the peak quality (approx. 1750 crowns for 5 coins), where for silver coins, their retail price by the NB itself is increased 2 months after the issue by 36 percent.

At the same time, the last year of the coin for the 100th anniversary of Jaroslav Jek, fulfilled on the 20th of 2006, I have a similar appreciation as for his artistic partners Voskovec and Werich. Therefore, in the peak quality, the EUROPA program was included in the limited sweat of 13,000 pieces and for the domestic market, the sweat was another 7,000 pieces.


The prices of commemorative coins will not be fixed

On 22 February 2006, the NB abolished the sale price of its commemorative coins. Tension, if the average price of metal in the previous 30 days has risen up or down by more than 15 crowns per gram for gold (ie about 4.3 percent of the original price of 350 crowns per gram) and 1.50 crowns per gram for silver ( ie 25 percent of the original price of 6 crowns per gram), the price of coins will change. The new prices of commemorative coins will be announced on the bank’s website platidla / aktuality and at one of the NB branch boards.

The bank drew attention to this change with reference to the sharp rise in world gold and silver prices. Pr cannot afford to sell commemorative coins for less than the value of the metal from which they are made. It is a code that such obesity was not shown by NB experts at a time when the Swiss banking lobby received gold for the Czech currency and confused the public that the gold cover was not modern.

At the same time, she was prompted to collect fifteen tons of gold coins for their ethnic value. At that time, NB coins were sold for a price of only 60 crowns per gram, and the values ​​of collectors were not taken into account at all. MF DNES reported in detail about it years ago, as the only day in the Czech Republic. Even so, a number of questions remained unanswered at the time, because they did not get you a lot of investment in this gold sale.

In any case, it was a very suitable investment for Turkish banks, which regularly submit large auctions of gold coins. They also received a small pension of the Czechoslovak gold treasure, which was returned after well-known diplomatic negotiations with the Americans. According to oitch witnesses, gold also sold the original products of Charles IV. 000 crowns and abroad is the price similar.

Private banknotes? It’s no joke, you can invest in them

Pklad 1: Ten years ago, a Canadian company, which issued the first issue of money orders for Antarctica, saw an interesting investment offer to finance a sales protection program. Today, the collector pays ten times as much for one dollar, while new vouchers from 1999 can also be seen, for which you can get the cash back from the company until the end of 2008.

Pklad 2: At the end of last year, the Czech company Gran-Amazonia, which shared the first Indian-Czech scientific station in Venezuela, issued special receipts for accepting monetary donations in the form of the contractual currency of the Amazon macaw at an unofficial exchange rate of 1 acre = 100 crowns. In addition to fans of the Amazonian Indians and the protection of children’s forests, they are also sweating with collectors, for all five language mutations. Prepare to give the names.

Pklad 3: The well-known Czech showman Jan Vodansk enhances his current artistic work. He wants to make it possible to invest in the company’s cultural stock. In return, Penn wants to bond with Hana Navarová for the first musical. It will be about pensions in Europe, where thanks to the euro it has disappeared 12 national currencies. The project also includes the issuance of personal banknotes with a portrait of a neck from the iconic song Jak v dupou krlky. It applies to the castle of admission, books, CDs and the payment of dividends for virtual shares.

Interested in coins? Would you consider this form of investment? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.

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