Thursday May 19, 2022

Protect your valuables from thieves. dn document what you actually have

Thieves produce about 40 households in Czech each day. Anyone who does not have a documented document of valuables, perks after an ancestry or collection, will receive a small pension from the insurance.

It pays to invest in money and give the advice of experts. Protection against the house is provided by the insured household. However, when arranging fuses and setting the insurance protection limit, it is very important to correctly explain what your valuables are at all.

The price of the collection is collected by the collector. Need to be connected with an estimate of the value of other valuables. “People often estimate the price only in an Oriental and lay way, instead of first documenting what they have at home and settling it in the first place,” points out Milan Ka, a spokesman for the Kooperativa company.

“Let’s meet with curious cases, when the client considers his property to be an antiquity, such as a porcelain and a painting, but the forensic expert judged it as an ordinary thing with the price, not the client originally considered it. Therefore, we recommend having the value of antiquity and all collections determined by a forensic expert and an expert opinion submitted by the insurance company, ”remarks Tom Hejda, a spokesman for SOB Pojiovny.

Document the objects with the first photo and description

According to the insurers, there is often a mistake in the documentary and shooting of valuable objects and collections. Photos often do not capture the necessary details. You must have a visible signature of the author on the painting, on the old mugs the emblem of the manufacturer, it is good to capture the stamp on the minutes and all small objects should be photographed with a saw ruler, so that their size is especially important.

At the same time, detailed collections can make it easier for the police to search for stolen valuables and increase the fact that they can be traced. You in bazaars or pawn shops.

In addition to photographs, it is practical to also present a complete list of collections and individual valuables, including any acquisition documents. The inventory should not include the dimensions of the object, a description of visible defects and other characteristic and distinctive features. In the case of perks, it is well confirmed which precious metal they are made of and how the stones are inserted into them.

“Documentation, including photographs, can be stored at home in a safe place so that the thief does not find it and steal it along with everything. Otherwise, the client may get into a demonstrable emergency, ”says Vclav Blek. A copy of the document should also be stored outside the apartment, for example in a bank safe, for a note or it is also available on an electronic medium and a computer server. Evident distress means that the insurance company pays only a hundred pensions for stolen goods.

Choose the right limits, get better changes

It is also necessary to ensure that the limits of the insurance indemnity are not close to the agreed insurance policy and correspond to the values ​​of the insured valuables. For cheaper household fuses, which usually have low limits for compensation, it is therefore usually necessary to overpay and increase the limits. Otherwise, there is a risk that the insurance company will use the so-called undercarriage and will not pay the entire code.

If your collection grows over time and its value increases, do not forget to update the fuse and also rewind the limits. You can also reach for a drama with a special insurance, which the company lives on. An individual insurance, which will provide you with protection, will only pay off for really big collectors.

Insurance companies do not prescribe how you can secure your household against thieves. It pays to invest in good security, which is not so easy to beat. There are also various security doors on the market, window shutters and electronic security devices that can be used to control lengths. The security of the household has an impact on how the insurance company will assess the case. In general, the rule applies: the low security element must be thieved by the thief, so you will be fully from the insurance company.

Be careful not to be a thief yourself

The insurance company also appreciates the fact that you do not let small valuables lie loose in the apartment, but put a safe on them. In such a case, the price of the insurance will always be slightly cheaper. Some insurance companies, such as the insurance company SOB, require that jewelry, perks, valuable coins or stamps, the value of which is not more than 50 thousand crowns, should always be stored in a secure safe.

Keep in mind that if you want to write to yourself, you will be able to look into the surroundings of your thermal vacation, when the apartment will remain empty. It is also worth noting that you first inherited or managed to catch a valuable piece in your collection.

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