Wednesday May 25, 2022

Pt rad, jak si ct o prvn plat

You have no days of work experience and the ink on your diploma has barely dried. But even then you have to pay for the first salary. In such a case, especially not to be arrogant, tactfully draw attention to your abilities and clearly invite your abilities.

So how do you imagine the salary? To complete the question of each interview, pesto is the answer to it often to be heated and uncertain. At the moment, the employer does not deny the graduates and the supply exceeds the demand, so it is better to prepare for your first interview about salary.

1. You go to the agency

Do not enter into a salary negotiation, it is necessary to get maximum information about how others are paid in a similar position.

The source is several: salary surveys, consulting in a staffing agency, advertisements with an offer of similar positions, friends and acquaintances, thanks to study brigades.

2. Don’t forget that you don’t know much yet and the time is bad

Before you knock out what you would like to reach, you know what you can offer, but as your reserves are. According to the director of the Mercury Group, Alice Hamidov, it is very pleasant to deal with graduates who are aware that they do not know anything yet.

“At the arrest of professional scorers, the graduate’s only ability is to go to the office, get used to the regime and learn. It is also advisable to accept the offer, which is usual for the employer, and be grateful for the opportunity to learn it. And go for a salary, ”adds Hamidov. This is also confirmed by Mikul Prochzka from the consulting company Grafton.

“In general, graduates who are modest and flexible in their requirements for starting salaries score points on the market today.”

3. Argue with abilities

If your bag is offered a low value, take out all things and arguments that may raise it. If you are applying for the post of sales representative, it is your holiday brigade in the postcard post or your experience with trading in Aukra. Work experience will help, especially from a wall bundle on a bicycle.

“Our long-term analysis shows that the greatest increase in joining the company, rapid adaptation to the work environment and the subsequent career and thus wages are growing graduates who combine their destiny with the company during their studies in long-term internships,” confirms Tom Zmenk, representative personal editor of Metrostav.

Experience from abroad is also worthwhile. “The graduate finds out how it works in large foreign corporations, and it’s so convenient that it increases its price in the labor market,” said Barbora Tomovsk, editor of Touchdown.

4. Don’t compromise

Compromises, that is, rats, are sung in one of the Eln group’s songs. But when negotiating a salary, these “rats” can be very useful to you. Barbora Tomovsk from Touchdown advice: “I wouldn’t hard, this is my price and I won’t go under it. First and foremost, it should be about whether everyone is interested. If so, and you have something to offer your employer, then you are trying to reach a compromise by making sure you are right and you should get paid. ”

5. Ask if you will get well after the trial period

The first increase in salary is the end of the probationary period. It will be enough for the leader to find out what kind of reinforcement you are for the dark.

“In the probationary period, the employee takes everything, not two, gets stuck, does not go completely alone. It is therefore also an investment for the employer. But when the time is stated, it is not a problem for him to pay a lot, ”to Barbora Tomovsk.

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