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Ptitiscovka reigns among the fallen ones


Stokoruna glued from two sts and painted with green wax. Even with such a form of counterfeit, they met in the Czech National Bank. But usually you have a pension. They are usually made on color dill or inkjet printers. And a layman can have a big problem to reveal without detailed research.

According to the director of the money and payment system section of the Czech National Bank Tom Hldek, the security features of banknotes are well known. The first thing to draw attention to my counterfeit is the ray. Always decide your knowledge and want to look at the banknote, k. According to him, the greatest risk of getting a false pension in your hand is in the case of illegal exchange of pensions on the street. Checks in banks are at the highest level, and there should be no counterfeiting. But, of course, human error cannot be ruled out anywhere, adds Tom Hldek.

Last year, less than ten thousand counterfeits and altered pensions worth 27 million were recorded in the Czech Republic, while about two-thirds made up the Czech crown for 15 million crowns. And among them reigned the Ptitiscovka. She thus rested on the imaginary thorn of the hundred-crown, which appeared as a fall for many years.

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You had the greatest encounter with falenmi pensions in Prague, Brno, Czech Budejovice, Pilsen and Ostrava. According to the Czech National Bank, one million banknotes in circulation account for less than a dozen counterfeits. As far as the number of inhabitants per million inhabitants is concerned, at the time of the new millennium, the Czech Republic was one of the countries with a low incidence, including Finland, Denmark or Austria. Twelve hundred imitations of the euro appeared last year, and more than eight hundred US dollars were burned. Falen euro had the most common form of banknote (1182 piece), but for the first time there were also counterfeit coins (76 piece).

The first false coin is usually very revealing to the layman. Also because a small pension does not pay as much attention as a paper with a nominal value.

The counterfeiter is not afraid of even banknotes with the best security features

Watch out for US dollars and euros. The first of these are the most frequent counterfeiters of banknotes. American currency is often imitated because its length is still the same. Although the euro is young and one of them with state-of-the-art security features, it is widely used in most parts of Europe, and their fraudulent goods are therefore very difficult.

Even though you are likely to find a falen pension in your wallet, it’s not big, pay attention and watch how you accept banknotes and coins. Especially in poulinch transactions. I’m not only there, the fallen slipped through my fingers and tradesmen. One even escaped the attention of an employee of the Moravian bank branch. Even though experts from the Czech National Bank called him a joke. The young man from Ostrava earned five hundred crowns with the help of domcho potae.

Threat of fine and imprisonment

If you pay with a counterfeit, you risk losing the banknote and the coin without payment. When you don’t have to, you don’t have a forgery in your hand. If you would like to give it to you, for example, in a store or bank, as the real one, reveal it, but it is clear that the amount will be irretrievably lost to you. The forger can then go for me for five years. In rare cases, if pensions are falsified within organized groups and in large numbers, they can be fraudulent for me and for fifteen years.

So how to deal with a counterfeit?

If you recognize the imitation, for example, directly in the office or in the store, notify their employees. If you take him home, contact the nearest police station. Its representatives should issue a confirmation that they have received the banknote and the coin from vs. You won’t get the right bag for it. Theoretically, you can enforce it in court after the guilt, if it is caught. The probability that you will succeed is low.

Board the fuel

What can you do to avoid taking a falen pension? Examine and feel the beam and relifn security features of the banknotes, to take the board up close, it’s a deposit. You should be left with the moment when something does not seem to you at first glance or whenever you receive a pension of nominal value.

Some forgeries are so indistinguishable to the layman’s eyes. You need a magnifier and a lamp with a UV zen to identify them. For coins, the color, the material and the edge of the coin are important. It is worth noting the place where one metal walks in another (for example, the euro).

There are also counterfeits that will come in at a glance. Pesto and tmi can sometimes be paid for by their manufacturer.

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