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Questions and answers about travel insurance

If you do not have a pension and you have to pay in cash, call the helpline. Some are free, others for the price of roaming.

“The insurance company will provide the doctor with a receipt, he will pay and issue an invoice, which will be paid in advance by the insurance company,” explains Marek Vch from Kooperativa.

Don’t insure the two

You have arranged a liability insurance, offer it to your travel insurance. Is it worth buying it?

Liability insurance is similar to compulsory liability, which works for the elderly – you need to break the tracks of the camera in the store and injure someone while driving in-line. Most of such insurance policies are arranged only for the Czech Republic. He decides to arrange it.

Is it possible to compare insurance prices and what to offer?

There are two interesting comparisons on the Internet. Enter your requirements for your trip abroad and you will fall out of sight the possibility of where and how to insure.

However, if at the same time that the same fuse is not on the second comparison of the insurance company, it is a discount that the portl has agreed with the insurance company. You can negotiate the contract directly via the Internet.

  • – comfortable rear door, choose according to the country you are going to. Find out how much you will connect to, and click on it again, and it will be more complicated

  • – beware of any travel data, Egypt will take you to the rest of Europe, which is not explained at all. You can comfortably see the insurance limits in the fuse overview.

What is associated with “not using the holiday”, does it replace the so-called “cancellation of the exit”?

This insurance is in case you get sick on holiday and you are either in the hospital or leaving home. Definitely does not replace the cancellation of the exit, which you must apply before leaving.

Make a connection agreement with the woman?

It is usually no problem within 6 months of a risk-free pregnancy, then the insurance company reserves the first time not to reimburse the associated case with childbirth. But you won’t have a problem with a broken leg. As for the other bites, such as the loss of luggage and liability, the pregnancy does not affect them in any way.

Until when insurance thotn
Pojiovna Doba thotenstv
Allianz to 26. tdne
Axa until 26. tdne
esk pojiovna do 6. msce
UNDER Pojiovna do 6. msce
ECP do 7. msce
General until 24. tdne
Cooperative until 28. tdne
Uniqa do 6. msce
Note: The limit only applies to pregnancy-related health complications. Source: pojiovny.

Tsn before departure

D to buy insurance supplies, you at the border?

Insurance companies have an online form on the Internet, pay by internet banking or by credit card. The fuse will return immediately, you can print it out and you are connected. Insurance salary and the amount of the connection stop of the pension, definitely not returned.

Generali, PP, Uniqa can also conclude a contract via SMS.

Where to insure online
Pojiovna Validity of insurance after payment
Allianz immediately
esk pojiovna in 3 days
PP immediately
UNDER Pojiovna immediately
ECP for 1 day
General immediately
Cooperative immediately
Pojiovna VZP immediately
Uniqa for 1 day
Source: Web pages and infolines linked.

When something happens

It is written in the conditions that you must immediately inform the insurance company about the problem, but what is the hunter unable to do due to his health condition?

In this case, someone close to you should inform the insurance company. If you are traveling without a family, try to arrange, for example, with another part of your stay. Carry the insurance card with your documents, if you are unconscious, for example, the medical facility will contact your insurance company itself, and there is always a contact for an assistance service on the card. Be sure to inform the insurance company as soon as possible.

Assistance services

You do not want to call the assistance services, you will remember how it sounds to you. The faster you dictate the type of pages, the more you spend on the call. The assistance service immediately called you back.

This is a bag of Mondial Assistance and Global Assistance services that you can use for free. For others, you will pay roaming prices for the first moments of the call.

AXA: +420 272 101 072

  • AXA pojiovna
  • esk pojiovna
  • UNDER Pojiovna
  • Komern pojiovna
  • Pojiovna VZP

Global: 800 170,000

  • Alliance pojiovna

Global: 800 105 105

  • esk business insurance company
  • Cooperative

Euroalarm Prague: +420 221 860 666

  • European travel insurance company

Europ: +420 221 586 666

  • Generals pojiovna
  • Uniqa

CoriS: +420 261 222 428

  • Pojiovna . vitality
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