Tuesday May 24, 2022

Radio and television fees een online

Radio and television fees must be paid by anyone who has resided or worked in the Czech Republic and is the holder of a radio or television broadcast. At least that’s the right letter of the law. If you do not have any of the receipts received yet and do not want to undergo a letter analysis with any of the institutions, you can use the Internet access online.

How to esk television (www.ceskatelevize.cz) and esk radio (www.cro.cz) have a link to their fees on their website right on the main page. Once you click on it, you will get to a special section that offers you several options -. Pihlen and other services are divided into natural and primary persons and according to one hundred follow it according to the structure of the website.

First fill in the form, where you provide personally identifiable information (name, address, etc.), method of payment (payment order or SIPO), as well as the date from which you receive the marrow, so make sure that you have filled in the required data correctly. You fly away after t. The application for payment through SIPO is, of course, a must, but first you must turn to the Czech sweat, which provides this service, in order to include the so-called connecting word.

In the case of Czech radio, the bill is according to the processing room and you will go through the contact sweat when you receive the original with the variable symbol. This, together with your name and the assigned terminal, can be logged into the system, where you can find out the status of your company (ie whether Ro does not pay any fee). Here you can also enter changes to personal data or log off receipts.

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The website of the esk television application is similar. Here is a bag procedure far more online. Once you have filled out the form, receive an email to register your TV with the information you have filled out for review. Doruen first vs so prompts you to confirm the date and complete the nail. The deadline is 30 days. When you confirm the correctness, you will get a registered mailing list and a variable symbol assigned to you, which is an important identifier of your payment and also serves as a login name from the application. It is possible to view the client’s status similarly to Ro and find out its status, enter the necessary changes in personal data or change the access password.

So if you don’t pay to go to the radio or TV you own and don’t want to pay a fine, then online online is definitely a nice and comfortable place. He did not have a fine that he could meet according to the law on fees (5 and 10 thousand crowns for each unaccompanied income).

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