Wednesday May 25, 2022

Real estate funds have disappointed, the crisis in the US has kept their feet

The long-awaited product, which was born very hard in our conditions, is still very disappointing. Real estate funds were supposed to revive the fund business in our country, but so far their rumors have far shortened.

Classic real estate funds, which the investor invests directly in real estate or development projects, were a highly anticipated matter before the aforementioned. Investors could not manage them for a long time. The minimum investment was deployed to a high degree so that the funds could be distributed among ordinary investors, and a big problem was the legislation itself, which in the end was practically not applicable even after the amendment to the law. Their introduction was still protracted, which in the end was caused by the real investor, especially when in neighboring Germany these funds were very successful for a long time (although even there, real estate funds did not avoid some problems).

This was then overshadowed by rapidly rising real estate prices (and not only in the US), many of whom began to feel that their growth is endless and otherwise, not the one up, in short, not mon. In combination with the strong marketing support of the investment companies themselves, which, of course, wanted to win in their favor, a new star was born in the mutual fund market. At least that’s how it should be.

bad time for real estate funds

In the end, everything is a little different. In short, real estate funds did not choose the most suitable time for their debut on our collective investment market. The real estate crisis in the USA and the related decline in real estate prices, lack of liquidity, current lack of pensions for quality development projects and, after all, probably less than expected client interest in investment have meant that we have not heard of real estate funds as much as we have heard before. self-established.

Perhaps the best in this regard is the company Realtia, which manages the 1st Real Estate Fund Realtia. It was established nine months ago and on 31 May it managed assets in the amount of only 2.38 million crowns, which is really small. In addition, there is a lot of speculation around the fund, which unfortunately does not add to its attractiveness. In April, the fund managed to manage assets worth more than 9 million crowns and the nhl decrease of seven million is really surprising. Dal speculation is the possibility of selling the fund, which the fund representative categorically rejects, and further states that “the fund’s fund enhances the investment made according to a predetermined investment strategy.” The fund bought the first property shortly after its inception, but unfortunately it added to the lack of support in the company’s investment.

The youngest representative of this group of funds, Conseq Realitn, which currently manages 72.6 million crowns, is still better off, but has not yet boasted of the day it bought. Unlike its two competitors, the company does not want to buy “big” real estate for billions of crowns. Compared to Realtia, the minimum initial investment in the Conseq fund is 100,000 crowns, and in the case of Realtia it is 30,000 K, and the fund’s investment in investment “balks”, such as Active Invest, is a good advantage.

REICO has the support of a large investment group

The real estate fund managed by REICO Investin spoles esk spoitelny is similar. The support of large investments of the group is especially, both by investing in the fund and by including it in various profile programs. In any case, it seems that the fund will be closed and by the arrest of June another property was added to the fund, specifically the Mokr administrative building in Bratislava – Ruinov. In addition, the fund owns another five properties, which are located in Brno, Czech Budjovice, Prague and Ostrava. The total value of the drench real estate fund is close to two billion and makes up about 80% of the fund’s assets, so the fund is really the best in this respect.

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