Wednesday May 25, 2022

Record price of fuel consumption. The people will read, experts say

Record fuel prices on demand. For petrol, the decline in consumption could be around eight percent, for diesel by ti and pt percent. And at 40 crowns per liter, diesel could rise in the event of a flood.

According to fuel retailers, the reduction in consumption should not be drastic against the cadron diameter. Prices rose last year and in the end consumption fell only for gasoline, by about three and five percent. Consumption of diesel stagnated and increased slightly, resulting from the sellers.

Diesel last year increased by about three crowns per liter, several msc was even more expensive than gasoline. “Last year’s diesel consumption was related to the revival of the manufacturing and freight transport industries,” said Ivan Indrek, chairman of the Petrol Station Association.

Consumption is thus less growth of the economy

Since the arrest of this year, diesel has risen by more than a crown to a darkness of 37 crowns per liter. The price of Natural 95 petrol increased more significantly, by 2.50 K to more than 37.20 K / l.

Gasoline consumption has been declining regularly since 2005. According to dealers, this is mainly due to the transition of many people to diesel engines. New car models are thus much less fuel efficient. “This year, household prices will be affected by the prices of energy, food and the like. Therefore, we can expect a reduction in the cost of gasoline fuels, “said Vclav Loula from the Czech Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade.

“Of course, there will be people who will drive me because of the high prices,” Indrek added. According to him, the decline in fuel consumption this year could be around five percent. The bag consumption is ten or more percent. According to experts, the reduction in oil consumption this year will be mainly related to lower economic growth than last year.

If they attack rn, fuel prices go vol

The question is to what extent fuel prices can grow due to oil prices and weak crowns. Some analysts warn that prices could reach 40 K / l if it became the target of military flows.

“I don’t know the USA, but it’s true that this darkness has intensified in the media. That’s why stock market speculators are buying and oil prices are rising, “Indrek said.

Mare trader makes up about five percent of the total price. In Germany, however, politicians have decided to set high fuel prices as a so-called price brake. This may allow fuel manufacturers and service stations to increase the price only once a day, and will be required to publish it in advance.

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