Wednesday May 25, 2022

Regular savings would pay off if banks simplified the terms

In times of crisis, a number of people became interested in the possibility of spoen. And first such banks have a log for such clients. GE Money Bank has been on offer for a long time, and esk spoitelna is a novelty in this respect. She drank with her own savings and reads her clients.

For two years now, GE Money Bank has been offering its savings product, which we try to encourage our clients to pay regularly. She called it a regular spoen. In this way, the owner of the koruna bank managed by this bank can help me. After the establishment of a regular savings, permanent and maturing orders with a maturity of either the 15th or 25th day in the month are created.

The necessary condition is to save a pre-selected stack in the amount of 300, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 crowns. If you do not violate this condition for one year, you will reach 3% ron. However, if, for some reason, the savings do not work, the returns will be only 0.1%.

In the end, it is not so much the same in individual payments, but some kind of person is not agreed. For example, if you determine the amount of 1,000 crowns in a lot, 12,000 crowns per year are saved in cl. If the resulting deposit is less than the so-called year, you will gain only 0.10% of the year for the entire duration of the deposit (ie one year). If, on the other hand, you deposit more pensions during the year, the bank will have a favorable rate of 3% ron at the agreed rate of only the agreed 12,000 crowns. The surplus in m will bring back only 0.10% ron.

There is no minimum deposit, the maximum is equal to 40,000 crowns. This can only be limited and “impunity” only 7 days a year. This is how long the so-called realized deadline lasts. Outside of it, you can transfer your pension here by paying a 2% penalty to the entire balance of your regular savings.

ikovn spoen esk spoitelny is exceeding the limits

A model similar to that from GE was chosen by the Czech savings bank in its new product and also called it a spoof. Spoitelna also tries to connect clients regularly. As she states herself, her efforts are supported by the basic attributes of the service – appropriate valuation and immediate liquidity of the deposit. All the benefits, however, are subject to rules and various restrictions.

The new computer and the computer connection are intended exclusively for adults. But you don’t have to set up a bank in this bank. The spread exists in two variants – basic and Plus, which differ from each other by the limits of the minimum deposit / balance here and also in the deposit, which the bank is willing to go at a reasonable rate.

To set up a handy connection, you only need proof of integrity, at least 1,000 crowns (for the Plus variant, then 20,000 crowns) and a determined amount to set aside at least hundreds. A necessary condition for obtaining a favorable year of the rate is the actual monthly rate in the range of 300 and 5,000 crowns. The amount outside these limits was sent back by the bank to the sender.

roen is the so-called psmov, which means that the factor ranges from the rate of 1-3.2% ron depending on the nature of their dispute. The contributions are written to the total deposit and as such are subsequently evaluated. If you forget to send the pension for any reason in the month, you must also forget about the value of the entire deposit.

An extraordinary location can only be made once for the entire duration of the connection, and in addition no later than 25 working days from the establishment here. In this one-deposit deposit, the bag must not exceed 100,000 crowns for the basic version and 300,000 crowns for the plus version. This will ensure a shift to the higher roen, by far the highest.

You can reach the promised, at this moment a maximum of 3.2%, in the basic version, if you darken with a maximum regular bow of 5,000 crowns and a maximum extraordinary deposit of 100,000, and for a long 30 months. Unfortunately, your joy at reaching this goal will probably not take long. Spoitelna toti ro in the highest dog only up to 299,999 crowns.

But one advantage, however, is not possible. Possibility to move at any time to pay the pension, except for a basic deposit. Of course, even here it is necessary to deal with another limitation. They can only be operated at the bank’s bank account, and pay for all completed transactions.

Don’t just pay for an item and a cash deposit. However, standard fees are paid for withdrawals and non-cash transfers. These range from 15 to 45 crowns for cash withdrawals, you will need to pay an additional 8 crowns for an item. The transfer order submitted to the oven and through the collection box will then cost 8 crowns.

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