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Release with risk, but plates of percent

Don’t you want to lose time in investment tools that offer you a few percent return? Are you afraid that the whole revenue will be swallowed up by inflation? Do you want ron input in plates or hundreds of percent? There is nothing easy. In addition, he did not have a lot of chicken, the same in the case of money and you can earn. It is not for nothing that a pension is a pension.

Probably the most popular and most well-known investment tool, which is two times in connection with the possibility to spend time in a relatively short time, are shares. Their basic essence, as an equity security, is to participate in the management of the company and in the form of a dividend to collect a long-term regular income.

Akcie zn kad

The stock bag can serve as a very interesting tool speculator. Those look at stocks as high liquid securities, which can issue them even in a relatively short time at the difference between the purchase and sale prices of a few tens of percent. Not all stocks have such interesting growth potential. When u really want to make money, they have to take a little risk, without risks you will never achieve interesting growth. It is therefore necessary to buy shares of large, established companies in mature markets, which offer continued sustained growth. His bag is limited.

You can achieve a lot of profit on the so-called rozvjejcch se trzch, where the eyes of many investors and speculators with the vision of above-average profits have recently turned. Interesting (although sometimes difficult to achieve), well-known inputs in markets such as Egypt, Colombia, Russia, Pkistn, Argentina, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, etc., where annual inputs (expressed by aggregate indices) can reach more than 100 %. But you don’t have to go that far, even our house shares have risen by about fifty percent in recent years, which is not negligible. But the other side of things is high volatility such a market and the associated risk of sharp declines (for example, shares in Russia, which issued 50.2% in 2003, in 2004 there was a loss of 8.1% and in 2005 they are again in profit of 91.6%) . Holt, no kue rakes for free.

Buying events at home and abroad storm brokerage brokerage companies (securities trader), which are (foreign and domestic) in real time in large numbers. Of course, nothing is free, and therefore it is very reasonable to find out about fees and especially about the services that the broker arranges for you for your pension before concluding a contract with the broker. You can invest in the event (especially in exotic markets) through podlovch fond. You reduce risk, fees and diversify. They are not bagged.

Send out foreign currencies as well

Dalim in an interesting way, which offers the possibility of above-average debt, is trading on the international foreign exchange market, for which the abbreviation FOREX (from the English Foreign Exchange) has been introduced. Although this market was originally created only for big games on the market with me, such as banks, insurance companies, investment funds, or other large financial institutions, at present this is not the case.


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Limited due to the large volume of the minimum contract in this market has disappeared with the continued use of marginovho (evil) business on the principle of financial. Small investors can thus enter this market through brokerage companies. They will provide them with the necessary resources for trade (of course for a fee) and investors, hungry for large profits, have the opportunity to spend using only a fraction of the value of the contract.

Its other advantages are, for example, non-existence medvdch a bch trh, practically continuous trading or high liquidity. All of this creates the assumption that when you are handy, you will have access to information, and if you are extremely busy, you will be able to share a lot of income.

Trades in the foreign exchange markets are mediated by specialized traders with a foreign exchange license, but you need to be very careful about companies that operate without a permit. A list of persons with a permit can be found on the NB website, lists of foreign and domestic brokers without a permit can be found on the KCP website. When using the telephone or the Internet, there are so many foreign companies available that, in addition to good service, they will offer such a very good fee structure.

And what about commodities?

Many curse them, many do not allow them. Even so, the views on commodities as an investment tool could be summarized. Similar to FOREX, they are paid that most investors who decided to invest in them were large and expected profits without any problems and in a short time they drank for all the pensions they decided to invest (and they drank very quickly). High frequency, little information and knowledge, the absence of discipline and other fundamental mistakes are repeated with the iron regularity of most investors in these markets. Thanks to this, you can more and more easily earn as much as you earn.


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Thus, the use of margin is traded on the commodity market, similar to that of FOREX. Commodity markets, however, have only a few specifics. A great difference from other investment instruments is the fact that the trading of individual commodities does not take place continuously throughout the year. Each commodity and contract has a deadline when there is a physical sale of the trade and such a contract must be sold, regardless of whether the investor is in a loss or in profit.

There are many ways to make a profit on commodity exchanges, and this gives investors a form of freedom and quantity. Commodities are generally considered to be products of plant and animal production, metal tracks, raw materials, etc.

Commodities can be traded through so-called futures. These are term contracts in which two parties agree to buy / sell a certain amount of a commodity at a predetermined price in a given quality on a given, predetermined date. Buyers and sellers are obliged to buy, respectively. sell a commodity that meets the conditions.

Trades on commodity exchanges can be arranged by a specialized brokerage company, even at home (eg Colosseum) or abroad. For those who are interested in this issue, I can be a good source of information on the website

Warranty a turbocertifikty

It is thus possible to invest in various investment instruments through so-called structured products. Among those with non-growth potential include warranties or knock-out certificates. You use the leverage effect when the above-average load is reached.

Warrant is a security that gives the owner the first to buy or sell a certain amount of the underlying asset (stocks, commodities, currencies, indices,) at a predetermined price on a predetermined date (European type), or during a certain period (American type).

Warrants are very similar opcm, there is a bag between them to make significant differences. Warrants can only be issued by a large investment company or bank, or brokerage company, while the option can be issued by anyone. Another important feature of a warrant is that it is traded in a ratio, the so-called ratio (several warrants are needed to buy / sell a unit of the underlying asset), where one option corrects to buy / sell one share or bond, etc.

Turbo-certificates, so called knock-out certificates, or mini futures, work on a very similar principle as warrants. The principle of using the leverage effect is the same for them, unlike warrants, they are mostly open-end (unlimited duration) and have a built-in knock-out limit, at which point the valuable beam is worthless and the duration ends.

Lk vs high yield and high risk dog? What are you willing to do for a high profit? Share your opinions and experiences with them.

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