Wednesday May 25, 2022

RENOM kreditn karta

HVB Bank, in cooperation with RENOME program partners, has developed a co-branded credit card. When used, you can get benefits in the business of Baa, Blaek, Reserved, Droxi drogerie, Klenoty Aurum and Fokus Optik.


– ipov embossed VISA credit card with a fixed period of 45 days
– the card is kept free of charge if the owner spends 35,000 K ron on it
– pedschvlen vrov limit ve vi 10000 a 30000 korun bez doloen pjmu
– gain of 1.25 points for each 1 crown from the purchase with RENOME partners and 1 point for each 4 crowns for all purchases at other merchants in the Czech Republic and abroad, which is made by credit card
– for accumulated points, the cardholder is rewarded once a year with cash vouchers for purchase from RENOME program partners
– with a credit card, an entry bonus of 10,000 points to the RENOME program
– data from my client HVB Bank


– if the condition is not met, the fee for maintaining the card is 299 K
– years rate msn 1.99% (ron 23.88%), one of the highest rates on the market

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