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Retirement: Think of it from billions

Don’t go among the more than millions of people who have a supplementary pension contract at home in full time. And I wonder if you should not choose one of the funds and somehow save the pension through it. Is it really even for the most suitable connection to the msn questionnaire, how long does it take? Or would it be better to put in what you can?

If you want to, contact a financial advisor. The savings through the fund are simple and convenient, the profit will give you another way to invest. Martin Novotn prepared the commentary of the model example for MF DNES.

Young hunter mi jin opportunities not pension fund

Model: He is 18 years old, studying, he wants to start a birthday for his birthday and pay a supplementary pension for the duration of his studies. What kind of spo should they have? Isn’t it early to go to a pension fund at the age of 18?

Expert advice: In the pension connection, this client will have a long way to go for 42 years. During that time, the impact of state aid on income will be minimal, in the form of appreciation, which will be provided by the pension fund. The investment through the fund is relatively conservative, the young man can choose a dynamic strategy due to the long time for which his pensions can be valued. Pension supplementary I recommend a bond only with a very low regular deposit of 100 and 200 crowns per month. From CZK 300, I would choose a building society, with a later investment in equity open-end mutual funds. I would recommend that you directly invest in equity mutual funds.

Model: Woman 30 years old, on parental leave, family living alone, thinking about how to sleep on st. Not drunk, but the manel has a high income.

Expert advice: Here, too, the impact of state aid due to the length of the pension supplement was small. The connection is only known if the client cannot afford to spend more than 300 crowns. When going out, I recommend using the same options as in the previous model.

At fifteen it is not late to spoenm zat

Model: a 50-year-old, his children grew up, but she didn’t do anything for the dark. Msn vydlv 20,000 crowns gross. Can you go to bed?

Expert advice: For this client, the pension connection becomes a very interesting means to enhance the pension. If MSn saves 500 crowns, it will reach an average annual return of 8.5 percent. A total of 60,000 crowns alone, thanks to the hundred pspvkm, and the bag recovered after ten years from over 90,000 crowns. According to the client’s ability, I would recommend that you save the money before retirement, so he will have more income and will also use the tax advantage. If she saved 1,500 crowns in money, she would have 235,000 crowns available, and for another tax 24,000 crowns. )

Spoit mete i po edestce

Model: Mu 60 let, hrub pjem 18 000 korun msn, na termnovanm vkladu m 150 000 korun, jinak dn penze nenaspoil.

Expert advice: Many people think that after the boarding house they can not connect within the pension. This is not true, they can, they just have to keep a minimum of spoen five years. The client should definitely not leave all pensions on the term deposit. If for him, due to the short horizon, the risk of investing directly in mutual funds and shares is very large, my pension can be invested once in a pension fund. In addition, the pension supplement offers the possibility to write down such a one-time deposit into regular monthly contributions. For example, if a client invests 100,000 crowns in a one-time pension fund, I can break them down as a prepaid loan of 1,500 crowns, which will cost him five and a half years in advance. He will receive support, an evaluation of the total, and as long as he works, he should be entitled to the tax levy. In the end, the team would collect 135,000 crowns, while he would spend another 12,000 on the tax. If at the time there will be 1500 crowns of power, it will decrease the location according to the possibilities.

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