Wednesday May 25, 2022

Returning to the drachmas would threaten chaos, esk scn cannot be repeated

Due to Greece and its irresponsible scattering in the past, the whole of Europe got into trouble. Many politicians and economists therefore propose a radical statement: “Expel Greece from the eurozone!” No one knows how to take such a step. Returning to drachmas would be problematic, as shown by recent Czech history.

The most radical Eurosceptics are encouraged to return the former drachmas or to introduce some form of low-quality euro for problems. Countries with strong budget discipline would keep the euro stable and thus be protected from the excesses of their neighbors.

The biggest unknown of this step is how a high-quality me would be introduced in the previous network. If the full effects of such actions were made public, the people would take the bank in an effort to choose from their “quality” currency and save their disputes.

“It could not happen gradually, so that they do not withdraw Czech euros from banks and keep them in cash at home,” said Ivan Kornk, the Minister of Finance from Klaus’s government, who spoke to a separate Czech and Slovak koruna. Sm can’t imagine how the reintroduction of drachmas could take place. The event would have to take place unexpectedly and practically a dog night.

esko-slovensk rozchod

When the Czechoslovak crown was divided 18 years ago, pensions changed one to one and no one lost. Even though the central banks of the time preferred to grind about the planned action. The banknotes were stamped this time, which was logically nron rounds.

“The fundamental difference is that when the crown was divided, we went in a well-filled environment, when there were no free capital flows. It took a few days to introduce the guidelines and thus paralyzed the possibility of speculation, ”describes Oldich Ddek, who at the time of the Institute of Economic Studies prepared feasibility studies.

And if the “Czech expulsion” would be much more dramatic than the Czech-Slovak breakup, Kornk thinks. “The division of the Czechoslovak currency was not such a drama as if it had been reintroduced by the drachma,” said Finance Minister Ivan Kornk at the time.

The army was also preparing for a monetary reform

Recent Czech history has been marked by another similar case, which was far from smooth. When the communist government began preparing a monetary reform in the 1950s, which was supposed to deprive small officials of disputes, it acted in the strictest secrecy of the regime.

“The spades of the then Sttn bank of Czechoslovakia met for secrecy even abroad,” describes the thoroughness of the preparations by Opava mayor Zdenk Jirsek, a relaxed historian and specialist in monetary reform from 1953. New banknotes were printed in Moscow and coins were minted in Leningrad.

“About 14 days before the reform, various rumors began to occur. The population reacted completely naturally and bought what could be bought, ”explains Jirsek. “There was a shortage of test booths in Bl Swan and the women were testing right in the locker,” he describes one of the few stripped pages of the day.

The armed forces were even prepared by the armed forces for reform, which were supposed to take action against possible unrest. The fear was not unreasonable. The exchange of pensions in the ratio of 1: 5, the fall of 1:50, if it was a hundred over 300 crowns, the people did not let themselves be just fooled.

Knm is a case of demonstration of employees plzesk codecs. Hundreds of shelves and militias took place in Ostrava, Bohumn, Orlov, Karviná, Prague and many other cities.

That is why German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy want to hit Greece in the eurozone at any cost. Experts thus agree that the people of Europe will not let Greece fall and forgive its debt.

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