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Rich life for the same salary

At two and a half months long and Slovaks from the key parliamentary elections. While the Slovaks have two new governments and can expect the abolition of key economic reforms, they are still waiting for the name of their new prime minister, who, on the contrary, is yet to launch the reforms.

MF DNES researched three Czech and Slovak families of similar professions, how it is done in Slovakia in comparison with the Czech Republic.

Palug’s from Doln Kubno in Slovakia and Engel’s from Kopivnice in Moravia are connected by a long distance: Stedokolsk. And then about the same family income. Tm bag similarity con.

Pbh slovensk: To the apartment et in twelve years

Modr moe a psen ple zn tyiaticetilet Lubomra Palugov ze slovenhoho Slovenni Dolnho Kubna only from postcards. She had never seen him ride in his own life. It’s far from what would suffer her the most. Let’s talk about it a lot: he wants his own apartment. Zuzana’s mother, twelve, and Mirka, seven, live with her husband at a sublet. For a two-room apartment, the family pays in addition to the current fee of thousands of crowns. We would like to buy a three-room apartment, only the one here with us will cost about seven hundred thousand crowns. We have a building society, but you probably won’t give such a mortgage, Palugov fears.

As a helper in the kitchen of the local hospital, it takes 6,200 Slovak crowns. Manel spent another ten thousand crowns as gossip in hell. The family must cover every crown. Manel dreams of drinking something after dinner, to Palugov.

This time, they didn’t even go to the museum for the June elections. Politicians just promise and people are not good at it. Salaries are very low, k. The reforms of the previous Slovak government did not inspire her. The fee of twenty crowns for a visit to the school is in the budget of the family at znt, when we have two children. And it didn’t affect us in any way.

In Dolni Kubn, which lies in the foothills of the Western Tatras near the Polish border, it is quite expensive. There merchants have little competition. It got a little better, and when did they open a supermarket that knocked down prices.

On holiday, keep Paluga at home – gasoline for their used lady’s tracks. We both go to the garden to the family. It’s 17 kilometers, it also goes by bike, dodv.

Pbh esk: Chtj nov auto a domek

Twenty-nine-year-old David Engel from Kopivnice in the Novojinsko region is not living up to his life. Patricia’s eight-year-old father and Terezka’s father have a wife, Jana, a child who enjoys it, and a nice apartment. I am satisfied, even if sometimes you have km, that it would not be wrong to go better to Engel.

As a fouch in one of the restaurants in nearby Pboe, he earns more than eight thousand Czech crowns, both of them. Manelka is a mother, also with her parental contribution they have about a thousand crowns incl. In the conversion to Slovak crowns (approx. 16,000 SKK), the family pub has about the same income as the Palugs. They have a bag to know. The payment is regularly swallowed by the current costs for food and housing, but thanks to his own apartment he does not have to pay as much to Engel. Vtinou vechno probendme, piznv Engel.

He doesn’t care about politics. I was voting and I will hear from you that they didn’t agree on the top again. I personally don’t care about politics. To the owner of the restaurant where you are, he must know what the government has come up with again.

David Engel rides a bike or car to the neighboring town. He was not on vacation with anyone for a long time, he usually goes with his family to his family’s cottage or to his family in the village. Voln as? I don’t have it very much, I’m very busy.

And how am I full in the future? Earn a pension, get me to use a car, not like now, repair a large room or buy a star house in the future.

* life stedokolk

Palugovi, Doln Kubn, Slovakia: Lubomra Palugov works as an assistant in the hospital, Miroslav Paluga is a gossip, they have two children

Msn family income: SKK 16,200

Automobil: ojet lada

Satisfied: grass at home and at home

Apartment: also in sublease

Engelovi, Kopivnice, esko: David Engel is fkucha, manelka Jana is on matesk, maj dv dti

Msn family income: 12,000 K

Car: ojet Opel Kadet

Satisfied: trv on chat and in rodi

Apartment: own apartment 3 + 1*

Comparison country:How to eat in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
Pointer esko Slovakia
Prmrn plat 1995 8 307 K 7195 Sk (5996K)
Prmrn plat 2000 13 614 K 11 430 Sk (9769 K)
Prmrn plat 2006 18 903 K 17 223 Sk (13 248 K)
Unemployment 1995 2,93 % 13,1 %
Unemployment 2000 8,88 % 17,9 %
Unemployment 2006 7,92 % 10,4 %
Prices (June 2006) esko Slovakia
Weekly departure to Croatia 12 082 K 12 717 Sk (9561K)
Holidays in Egypt with half board 12 390 K 13 790 Sk (10 368 K)
Kilogram hovzho zadnho masa 165 K 207 Sk (155K)
1 liter of milk 14,41 K 19.33 Sk (14.50K)
Liter of Natural 95 petrol 32,50 K 42.90 Sk (32K)
Auto code Fabia 1.2 Classic 265 900 K 335 802 Sk (252 483K)
Selected professions (2005) esko Slovakia
The average payer of the stock wheel 22 094 K 14 161 Sk (11 150K)
The average salary of a debtor in industry 19 339 K 18 357 Sk (14 454 K)
The average salary of a nurse 19 261 K 13 790 Sk (10 858 K)
Note: Prices in Czech korunch in the barrel are based on NB exchange rates.

Source: esk statistick ad, Slovensky tatistick rad

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