Tuesday May 24, 2022

Rusov prayed that Bh would save the ruble. Then invest in teeth and gold

Rusov are nervous. After the weakening of the rating of the United States and the fall of oil prices, the struggle will begin a new crisis. Fear of the return of those and with the purchase of gold and foreign currencies, which are for some investment not a ruble. However, economists reassure the population that the Russian budget will not be endangered even with a deep drop in oil prices.

“Don’t rub the ruble, but spend it – it’s best to have your teeth repaired, change furniture and buy equipment. Crush disputes in various currencies, or invest in gold while you go, ”advises the experts who make the world popular letter Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Sales of gold coins rose sharply in the week, but according to experts, gold and other precious metals do not even need to be physically purchased, because even bank deposits can be made not only in various currencies, but also in grams of yellow metal, it is necessary to choose a solid bank. “Pray to God to save the ruble. And to buy as much oil as possible, ”said a one-size-fits-all response.

Dollars began to disappear in some Moscow terms, but the situation did not escalate into panic. “By Monday, they had all sold the currencies, but they were all buying dollars and euros, in known volumes,” Sovinkom said in a statement to Sovink.

The Russians rushed to cheap shares, saying that they would give them money in the future

But the economy is not right. Evidence of this is an unprecedented amount of interest to buy weakened stocks. This testifies to the fact that Rusov is turning to the glue. The flow of pensions from the population has declined and doubled in times of great decline. In addition, Finam collected around 50 million rubles a day from “retail clients” in the last week of July, compared to 90 million rubles on Monday and 100 million rubles (roughly 57 million K).

Since the August meeting, the Moscow stock market RTS and MMVB indices have fallen by almost 19 percent and 13 percent, respectively, and the ruble has weakened by seven percent. Today, however, the Moscow Stock Exchange has begun to recover.

The Russian treasury tightens the country even at oil prices of around $ 55

The price per barrel of oil has dropped to 100 dollars (1,700 K), but the series is reassured that the state budget was based on $ 75 per barrel or remains a fairly large “safety margin”. “For Russia, depending on the oil, the situation to go has not become dangerous, but much riskier not two,” wrote the business newspaper Vedomosti.

He estimated that problems would break out and if the price of oil fell to 50 and 60 dollars per barrel. Then it would be possible to expect a similar crisis as it affected Belarus in June. Until then, it should be after the elections of the new parliament and president, because the crisis of 2008 hit Russia with one hundred and nine times behind the world.

The price of oil on world markets is still more important for the Russian economy than three years ago. While in 2008 the budget could be without a deficit at oil prices of around $ 60 per barrel, currently it is around $ 120. When the decline in oil prices by $ 15 slowed, according to analysts, the growth of the Russian economy by 1.2 percent of gross domestic product.

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