Tuesday May 24, 2022

RWE gas will not fail from April

The dominant gas company RWE, which accounts for more than 2.3 million domestic households, will maintain gas prices at the current level in the second quarter. The company took into account the increase in oil prices, from which the gas prices are mainly derived, and the prices at the end of this year.

“Despite the fact that oil prices on world markets have been rising for a long time, thanks to strong crowns, we have managed to keep prices at the same level since this year’s arrest,” said Tom Varcop, sales director and board of directors of RWE Transgas.

In the first quarter, the company raised gas by 2.3 percent. This increase is one of the reasons why gas is not rising due to high oil prices. But it is possible that prices will have to go up if oil exceeds one hundred dollars per barrel in the long run. Last week, North Sea oil Brent toila at the $ 120 mark.

“The slight increase at the end of the year took into account the growth trend of oil derivatives in world markets. Natural gas prices are hovering from the averages of the past six months, which is why the magic $ 100 per barrel of oil has been included in prices in force since January, ”Varcop said.

The company is closely monitoring the current record price growth. “If the situation on the oil market does not calm down, a rise in the price of natural gas in the five quarters cannot be ruled out,” he added.

The gas will not make Praanm healthy either. Prask plynrensk has decided to keep prices at the same level. “In the first quarter of the heating season, the company did not increase the price of natural gas even in the first quarter of this year, and in the last quarter of the year it reduced the price of gas,” said Miroslav Vrnek, Prask plynrensk.

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