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Safe shopping online: use two cards

Are you thinking about more frequent purchases, the first aid of the Internet, but still discourages the disproportionate low prices of goods and the high risk of money laundering? The entrance is a virtual (internet) payment card.

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Safety is always one of the most important criteria when deciding on any manipulation of our ownpensions, which of course includes the castle for goods and services with the help of a payment card.

The Internet has always aroused and still arouses distrust, however, the division of payments between physical cards (payments in brick-and-mortar stores, cash withdrawals) and virtual cards (Internet for payments for goods exclusively in the Internet environment) is at least in place. The use of both types of payment cards always entails a different risk, which can be prevented in a suitable way. Therefore, offer the safest een, which is the best electronic payment card (Emotions can be canceled immediately after the card and lost in trading places with an imprinter) together with a second (virtual) card suitable for payment on the Internet.

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What is a virtual payment card

Although a virtual (if you want an Internet) payment card can be imagined as a card, the vision of a piece of plastic held in your hand is completely wrong. It takes only the form of a 16-digit salt, which the bank assigned to its holder (usually the owner here, or the authorized person) to the bank here. This folder identifies its virtual form and the card is then a mono transaction performed exclusively in the Internet (so-called e-commerce transactions), pp. MO / TO transactions (payments by mail and telephone) both abroad and at home. The plot is like a card called debit, ie when paying, the holder ‘s own funds are drawn from here to which it is connected.

There is no PIN assigned to the card and the card is clearly marked, it is not a classic plastic payment card to be used here. This maximizes the security of payments, or the cardholder is not forced to enter any other details about his classic payment card when making payments on the Internet.

In addition, all the necessary details for a virtual card, first of all to ensure maximum security, are usually held by the cardholders at the point of sale (at a bank branch) after a certain security in a specially secured suit. It contains the card size, its validity and the local security code (similar to the generally known PIN) CVC2 for MasterCard cards, resp. kd CVV2 in VISA cards.

How and where to get it

If you are interested in a virtual payment card, the procedure for obtaining it is the same as the procedure for obtaining a classic payment card. Usually there are no deadlines for making and publishing. So it is enough to visit a bank branch and fill in, resp. confirm your enough.

Unfortunately, even with a relatively wide range of payment cards, the offer of virtual payment cards is known to be limited. Only ut banking houses in R appear, specifically at Komern banka, eBanka and GE Money Bank. Komern banka is the only one to provide an internet card in both the VISA and MasterCard systems, eBanka and GE Money Bank only to the MasterCard system (as of 31 May 2006, KB registers more than 25,000 active internet cards).

Assuming that you will order and pay for goods in R via the Internet, then this fact is not very interesting. The bag changes at the moment when you order and pay abroad and thus abroad. The payment is then converted to me in the case of MasterCard cards in euros, in the case of VISA cards in US dollars.

On the other hand, it is first only Komern banka, which also requires its client to own a classic payment card. It is not possible to get an Internet card from Komern banka.

The offers of these banks differ from each other in other parameters – long validity (2 or 3 years), various limits and the price of pozen, pp. additional charges (as uvd table).



Popl.ved.karty (ron)


Charter Nhrada

Komern bank


65 K

150 K

free of charge

GE Money Bank

MC Internet

108 K

100 K

free of charge


MC InternetCard

150 K

200 K

150 K

Source: banks

The limits are offered (to send safety) offered, the standard is 10,000 K with the possibility of right according to the individual needs of the client. Only with the MasterCard Internet GE Money Bank card it is not possible to exceed the maximum daily limit of 10,000 K, pp. can not break payment into more items are not dv. That is, the moment we would pay to pay e.g. when the ticket is mentioned, the individual price would be unfortunately, in the end, summarized in the form of you, the limit may be insufficient. Therefore, be careful when setting the limit, or it is offered not only as daily, but also weekly.

For example, GE Money Bank offers the right limit for the card’s Internet over the phone, after about 5 basic fees. Among them are card details and some personal caller IDs. Therefore, if you know that you have made one castle and then do not want to do another one after another, simply change the limit settings by phone.

They cannot agree on the type of insurance for the internet card of the bank, ie not even insurance against loss. The dispatch office is only for persons over the age of 18, so it is not possible to present a card for your children intended for payments on the Internet.

The use of payment cards to pay for goods and services is developing relatively dynamically. People have become accustomed to carrying their bags in the form of a piece of plastic around them and from the comfort of their home to large numbers of online stores to buy. Find a way to order the goods and pay immediately. Then you can just tit, and the goods will be delivered (often within a few days).

If you prefer this method of purchase first, and you combine purchases in brick-and-mortar stores with online stores, do not make a mistake if you add an internet card (virtual) to your plastic payment card.

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