Wednesday May 25, 2022

Saving 200 thousand crowns is not just that

The editor of MF DNES tested how she could best invest 200,000 crowns. Stocks and bonds came out the best. But beware, for example, AEGON offered a suitable investment and in the end it turned out to be just a connection.

Finann states the editor’s case with this course: I raised 200,000 crowns on the building savings and gave him twenty thousand money. years on savings companies are declining, according to experts is the best time to invest in funds.

I didn’t even have to try too hard to find information on my own, as soon as you came up here, he called the bank to see if I wanted to evaluate the disputes in some way. And when I asked a question in a professional discussion on the Internet, I took care of the deprivation, the offer received the offer.

To make it clear what would be best, I made an appointment for the next day. I suddenly do not recommend such a marathon, I believe the head was hell.

I want to invest, I have to live

After completing the water questions, how much pension I want to invest, for how long and what an eye, I listened to the Czech savings bank on Friday. I don’t think anything was really wrong there, the counselor waved his hands, explained and painted the graphs. When we discussed all the risks, I filled out a detailed questionnaire from the investor.

I started out as a growth-oriented investor. Surprisingly, I have no experience. He will start the action. If he has so much information on me everywhere, I will be able to make a living from investing.

Try to sell me insurance

The consultant at Aegon will not fasten the binder, and even though I say that I want to invest, she will offer me an insurance policy. If I enter into a contract, I can reduce the tax, unlike other investments. The consultant responsibly recommends looking for investments, it is not a problem to meet in the morning and evaluate the strategy.

Investin test for 1 and for 5

In the Atlantic, my slum checked on my bank and sat down in the meeting room, where I went to “my” manager. While elsewhere they didn’t force anything on me, but they would certainly say something if I signed the city contract, here it is different. The meeting was open, we will get to the questionnaire and at the end. Of the ones I’ve seen, he’s the most elaborate. Even a consultant as a complete specialist. Mm call myself, and think twice.

The last meeting in the name of the Raiffeisenbank branch will take place. He welcomed me to a young personal bank. Gradually offer me what they have and find out where I can catch myself. Investin questionnaire is simple here, I only have six questions. The bank fulfilled its final obligation to test the client, but it could not be compared with a sophisticated questionnaire from Spoitelna and the Atlantic.

Since e mm in the bank bn et, mm as an investor a few useful. I would like you to be able to buy and sell the fund yourself over the internet.

What the counselors suggested

What they suggested:
They mixed me a cocktail from eight funds, pied bonds made up 30 percent, the rest of the stock. I can put my own portfolio on the internet. But one delayed the furnace only – I have to commit to at least one bond in the contract.
Expert opinion: It seems like an investment, but it is connected. The temporary termination would be a loss, only in the thirteenth year will the value of the investment be compared with the redemption.

What they suggested: Choose two and three life cycle funds for a one-time deposit of CZK 200,000. After that, you invest more risks, with the end, the end should be more conservative. Their elephant is vertical set to long lasting. For regular deposits, click on the Target fund, for which the guarantee is the highest value, in the course of your investment.
Expert opinion: You have received professional information from the investment company. The advantage is contact with the market.

What they suggested: I can afford to invest in bonds and stocks. 100,000 one-offs to the fund of my choice, for example, the 6th P Invest. I will dissolve the other 100 thousand into regular investments, shares and bonds.
Expert opinion: I will dwell on the recommendation to invest only half of the cash once and the other gradually. If the current crisis is in the pipeline, will you give you a three-year pension at the bank and invest them gradually?

Where it was worth investing

Vnosn shares
Shares Ron rated in percent
ECM Real Estate Inve 72,09
Arcelormittal 48,83
ORCO 48,55
Tatra 45,73
CETV 28,71
Vnosn funds
Funds Ron rated in percent
AXA EUR Account 16,59
PROSPERITY inv. spol. 7,49
Consequential reality 5,12
Prodlen fondy
Funds Ron drop in percentage
SOB realitn mix -57,90
PI Real Estate Fund. action -51,12
KB realitnch společnost -49,94
ISS – TOP STOCK -45,85
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