Saturday May 14, 2022

Scammers ignore pain. He knotted two fingers over the pension

Fraudsters who want to go to the insurance company will not be afraid of him. SOB Pojiovna has recently registered a number of mental injuries due to compensation. One can even knot two fingers on his hand.

The insurance indemnity is based on the extent of the consequences of injuries and the agreed insurance premium. The first amputation of the upper limb fingers, with a premium of one million crowns, could cost up to 250 thousand crowns. Of course, nothing is paid for mental damage.

“It is very difficult from a human point of view to judge the time that one thinks in a way. From the point of view of the connection legislation, it is an insurance fraud, and therefore the insurance indemnity cannot be paid out, ”said Zdenk Horek, head of the forensic audit department of SOB Pojiovny, who deals with the detection of insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud and self-perversion are recording the world of the economic crisis. In recent years, insurance fraud has involved the insurance of motor vehicles or property. Attempts to mentally damage one’s own rights behind the acquisition of insurance benefits are also evident abroad.

SOB Pojiovna performed 167 inspection boards in the first half of 2009. It saved 17 million crowns. Compared to the same period from losk, it is worth 6 million.

In the first place, her car scams are changed. However, this is what happens in the case of the faults of old industrial buildings, when the owners have grown to operate machines and pension mines. Some believe that it is easy to help by setting up your own factory.

Rates for insurance fraud are not small

Insurance fraud is a criminal offense. If the code is fraudulent, he will be married for two years. If the code exceeds 500 thousand crowns, the sentence of imprisonment can be set at eight years, if you do not have a code of five million even for twelve years. It does not hurt people to test the new practices and intelligence of the investigator.

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