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Secure your sunburn. Blzkm tak uette penze


The Czech insurance company started offering a mobile funeral with the name Pieta on November 2. It is basically a one-off deposit with an appreciation of 2.4 percent. The pension for the funeral is then paid to the person who submitted the dead letter, set up the funeral and did so with an issued invoice. Insurance funeral is the only one that is sure that the insurance event will occur.

According to surveys, at home in a suit spo for the funeral of about 1.8 million ech. Most elderly people do not want to pay for their funeral. “Lots of funeral services have spread recently. The main reason is finance. Bn’s funeral costs around 20,000 crowns, “to Julius Mloch of the Sdruen funeral home.

Insurance Pieta can be arranged by anyone between the ages of 25 and 80. Only a one-time deposit will be made, and then his pension will appreciate by 2.4 percent of the year and the person is guaranteed to agree on a single bond. The required deposit is calculated according to age, gender and insurance.

A single contribution for a single Pieta five a hundred thousand korun
ena Mu
Vk stka Vk stka
30 let 7 474 30 let 8 768
40 let 9 336 40 let 10 836
50 let 11 530 50 let 13 128
60 let 13 988 60 let 15 420
Source: esk pojiovna, stka is listed in korunch

“Different prices for men and women are calculated according to statistics. The women are getting old, so they can save for the funeral, ”says Helena Lazosov from the management of the life insurance company of the Czech insurance company.

The bondage bond occurs when the bondee rushes suicide within two years or the earth is born to die within one year. In such a case, they will receive only the sweat deposit reduced by about 10 percent. Of this 10 percent, the castle costs the insurance and added administrative fees. The insurance company thus tries to prevent insurance fraud.

The appreciation of 2.4 percent is basically fictitious and has an effect on the level of insurance claims. He got up so he always gets the agreed insurance. When, in 30 years, he puts, for example, 8,768 crowns and lives to be a hundred years old, the narrator will receive only 20,000 crowns. The evaluation is therefore only used to connect the calculation of the required input.

For insurance benefits with invoice and death certificate

If the hunter agrees to insure and land later in one year a natural death or as a result of a one-off event, pay the remaining insurance costs for the funeral to the insurance company.

The insurance indemnity is then paid to the person who arranges the funeral and does so by issuing an invoice. Therefore, it is important that the one who agrees to have an intermediary. Although the insurance company will reimburse the costs of the funeral, someone will have to pay for it. You can also buy a bag in general or, for example, a social worker from a retirement home.

Funeral expenses
Poloka price
Projednn pohbu 872
Uloen a prava zemelho 1 090
Cremation in a coffin * 1 993
Coffin 5 668
Bouquet on a casket 1 984
3x hbitovn vnec 6 500
Cemetery fees 7 500
Bn obad se zpopelnnm 26 000
Funeral to the ground 30 000
Zpopelnn without a lunch 12 000

Source: Sdruen funeral home, prices are average for the whole Czech Republic and stated in korunch.
* cremated in a coffin as a bite of food

“Prices will move inflation. Nrst is around those percent. In some regions, the movement states may not be more expensive. Prices for these have reached their maximum, ”says Mloch.

The cheapest funeral without lunch costs between 10,000 and 15,000 crowns. A basic funeral with a lunch can be held for 20,000 crowns. The most expensive funeral costs about 40,000 crowns.

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