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Security of pensions: virtual ATM, “fingerprint” of the voice

At a time when it is possible to carry out pension operations on debt, it is important to secure such transactions. And when it comes to remote access to the bank, as well as payment for the purchase in the online store, it is necessary to protect oneself against the possibility of stolen pensions. In the field of security, several innovations have appeared to protect clients from fraud. What is the news about?

Let’s introduce you to secure electronic transactions from CD-ROM and voice authentication. Their use is allowed not only in pmho banking, but also in the field of e-commerce, where (as it was given) when paying with a card, the security features have not yet been added. They can also be used, for example, for remote access to company programs and databases.

A little theory on water

How can we verify the client’s integrity in the long run? It is possible to implement several ways of authentication, based on the fact that the client knows something (something, and what only he should know, such as a password, PIN), something of his own (authenticated calculator, etc.), or something is The biometric properties of the fingerprint link to this topic can be found HERE, voice, wallet, etc.) A combination of these methods is then used for two-factor or authentication factors.

In our banking, one-factor and two-factor authentication is used in internet banking, badly at the bank. In the USA, the regulator issued a ruling in June 2005, according to which all financial institutions are obliged to introduce two-factor authentication in their online processes by the end of 2006. In order to increase security, the following conditions must be met: it must be cost-effective for the institution that introduces it, and it must be user-friendly for clients (simple control, transfer without having to use special additional devices).

Mka as security

The first entrance that Entrust drank is a product called Identity Guard. It is a set of randomly generated characters, which are printed on the card in the shape of a kind of soft. When logging in to online transactions, the client is prompted by the back of randomly selected coordinates and the character that is found on the given coordinate is entered (eg A1, D3, G5). For authentication by name and password, a kind of identified factor is added. Mku can be used to authenticate each risk of the operation, another alternative can be chosen (see according to). The product can also be used for other channels, not internet for telephone, personal and ATM operations. It is also suitable for companies that want to better provide remote access to their databases and programs such as. when working from home.

Source:; product demo here

Pipomn vm to nco? Certainly yes, secured with the help of an authenticated calculator and generated one-off keys on paper and sent to a mobile phone. Compared to one-time keychains generated on a PIN calculator and sent to a mobile phone, the Identity Guard bag boasts low costs (the price of Identity Guard can drop below USD 1 with a large order volume). The coincidence compared to the sets of one-password passwords printed on the paper, in turn, logically lies in the sweat of monch use. The company also offers these methods of security as an alternative, as well as verifying the client according to a certain knowledge of the client, which level of protection to choose. An authenticated calculator is, of course, a secure level in terms of security.

CD-ROM in the form of a payment card: home virtual ATM

US Encode saw the CD-ROM protection against dill in the shape and size of an enCard payment card. The first generation only cooperates with personal computers and laptops, which actually promotes virtual ATMs when activated, the client sees the monitor on the monitor, similar to the ATM space for entering a PIN, where you can learn the same PIN as when withdrawing cash. Technology is a test room in practice.

Source:; demo version here

The company is also developing the second generation enCard, the so-called Replacement enCard. As the name suggests, it can replace the classic debit and credit cards in addition to the features listed, including the main ones, namely payment in stores and usability in ATMs. It should be a box with a classic magnetic stripe. It is designed to adapt to IP technology. The test should start at the end of 2006.

Voice biometrics

The so-called second factor, which is used for better authentication of the client, can also be the processing of voice samples. This is evidenced by the product of VoiceVerified Inc. with the name Point Service Provider (PSP), which can be used in call centers, when working with IVR (Interactive Voice Response Voice Machine) or online, on several levels according to the requirements and choice of the company’s client.

The registration of the client of the institution, which cooperates with VoiceVerified, takes one and two minutes and the client provides a set of voice samples. If voice authentication is required, then when talking to the call center, contact web addresses and transactions at the online store, the system compares the client’s voice with the sample of the voice he received and generates a result expressing the probability that the toton voice with the sample is taken at potency. procedure. This authenticates the client by repeating five randomly generated slices, which takes a few seconds. The system verifies who speaks, not what k. It evaluates only the characteristics of the voice, such as age (depth), tn, cadence, etc.

If the technology is used in a call center, this method is very fast and not responsible for investigative questions. In case of doubt, secondary authentication can be used, for example, to determine the client’s knowledge and the help of other methods. VoiceVerified Inc. intend to charge two fees for their service and a fee for the processing of identity and registration of the client and a fee for each authenticity evaluation (depending on the transaction). A simple schma of the online banking process can be found HERE.

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All these systems are expected to increase the security of electronic operations and the possibilities of their use are relatively wide. An especially interesting invention is the CD-ROM fully replacing the payment card. We can therefore wait and see whether these innovations can be applied and used not only in the world, but also in the Czech Republic.

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