Tuesday May 24, 2022

See how long you work. Look at it in retirement

We’re sorry, you don’t have to retire because you haven’t worked for a long time. Such messages can be heard by those who will lack the necessary insurance time. It is now being extended from 25 to 35 years. Employees with an average salary pay a ton of pension in the absence of self-employment.

They do not know much about old-age pensions. This is confirmed even by those who, at first, that the people who benefit from the state support, through tons of pensions, do not those who work honestly for you even for a low salary.

Experts initially call such a company, at the same time draw attention to another pension rock, which brought this year’s new law on pension insurance (more about changes in pensions now here).

An unemployed person does not have to retire

“According to the hunter, he avoids work, so his old age will be less. The period of coverage of social doors is not included in the income base for the calculation of retirement, ”remarks Gregorov, a specialist in the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ).

Unemployed people should pay particular attention to the fact that in the event of a long-term city loss, only the period during which they receive unemployment benefits or retraining benefits will be retired. “Whoever does not receive support and has been in the records of a lot of work for a long time, stay out of it for the most years. This period of three years is determined back from the date of the right to retirement, ”points out Ji Tuhek, a member of the SSZ.

From January this year, the period of compulsory insurance, which you must meet in order to be entitled to retirement at all, began to be extended. Of the twenty-five compulsory years, you must be 26 years old for retirement applicants, five years 27 years old and from 2019 and in the following years 35 years will be mandatory.

“Therefore, people who do not work for a long time do not have to meet the necessary time to reach the retirement age and they will not be entitled to retirement,” warns Tom Kaplan, an expert at the SSZ.

The missing insurance period can be paid for or completed

The periods of insurance, which are included in your record sheet, which is conducted by the Czech Social Security Administration, are necessary to look for (even more in the article, how to look for income in billions).

If you find that you do not have the time needed to complete your retirement age, you can pay for the missing years. And in the form of voluntary pension insurance.

“Without any reason, it is possible to pay for a maximum period of 10 years and again only one year from the date of application. The minimum amount of insurance premiums for voluntary pensions paid in 2010 is 1,660 crowns, ”explains Jana Pilaov, SSZ specialist.

Voluntary bonding pays off, for example, even those who left work for their mother, are at home and do not pay for retirement. Due to the extension of the required insurance period to 35 years, it is possible that there will also be no entitlement to retirement.

“In the future, students who will not be able to retire from the age of majority from the age of adulthood will also get into similar pots,” Pilaov points out. Ronky was born after 1992, who graduated from high school at the age of 26 and will not pay for their retirement during their studies, because they will be required to take 35 years of insurance at the age of 61 (26 years plus 35 years of insurance).

The missing period of insurance can be completed, but what does it mean to work after reaching retirement age by this time according to.

The pension is decided mainly by gross income

The pension in the Czech Social Security Fund will decide on the pension of the social security for working life, and according to the so-called compensation period, such as care for children up to three years of age, the war, including sick leave, and the end of the compensation period. It affects me how long you pay for retirement.

The simplified case decides on the amount of pension, the main average of all your incomes achieved in the decisive period, which is
30 years before the year of the pension. As a rule, he did not adhere to the pjmm achieved before 1986. The income from 1986 and 2009 is therefore a decisive period for the income of the pensioner in 2010.

“Unemployment benefits are not included in the balance sheet, because support is always ruled out,” adds Alena Frakov, SSZ specialist.

Vtina ivnostnk si plat to my heart

It is good to know that only the income from which the insurance was paid is included in the pension. Thus, in addition to the income achieved in an employment relationship, self-employed activity or you due to the employee’s salary on a trade license. “Income from which insurance is not paid, for example from brigades to a work contract, will not be sweaty,” notes Tom Kaplan.

A small entrepreneur and a freelancer should also think about the fact that less employed people pay their pensions and thus receive an old-age pension. It is the bottom of the fact that the majority of tradesmen hold only the fact that the insurance salary from the middle of the year is reduced by the payment of money. According to the SSZ, only a few people voluntarily pay you retirement benefits. Therefore, remember in advance that low pensions need to be settled by disputes. Otherwise, there will be a sharp decline in life.

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