Friday May 20, 2022

Seven tips for cheap mandatory ruen

Who wouldn’t want to double a thousand times in times of economic crisis. This is also true for payments, which you have to pay the crisis non-crisis. One of them is the insurance of liability from the operation of a motor vehicle, the so-called compulsory liability.

1. Give yourself a bonus in families

A novelty of the last year is the possibility to claim a bonus from the family baby. The one who buys the first car and would start with a zero bonus, has a straight and a half discount from your father. But beware of the conditions, you have a discount on all family contracts at Generali pojiovny and Wstenrot in the event of an accident.

2. Apply more appropriately by the end of the year

Whoever thinks to change the insurance company should sleep. Contracts concluded by the end of the year, even if they will pay you and from the dungeon, get it for the current price. In addition, in the fall, the traditional traditions and discounts and offers.

Today, it is absolutely not true that insurance companies would change rates only after a year. They like to announce new prices in spring and autumn, ie at a time when people buy cars most often. “Allianz, which averages 12 percent, and PP 6 percent on average, and SOB Pojiovna has increased prices by 5 percent since January, Hasisk has risen 13 percent, but most of them have no new rates for the spring,” said Pavel. Ronovsk from the server, which deals with the comparison of insurance prices.

3. Give discounts get it for driving without accidents

Dobiji get bonuses from all, for each year without an accident they will receive a 5 percent discount on their account. “Mandatory ruins in this system of celebrations in the fifth year of 10 years, so most people will reach a maximum bonus of 50 percent. But it can also be me, ”said Jan alk from the server.

4. Arrange fuses from the same company

You can also use compulsory insurance to use other products at the same connection company, we are talking about the so-called interconnection. And it does not have to be just an accident insurance, but also a home insurance, real estate insurance and a life insurance or pension connection. Discounts range between five and ten percent. Be careful, when the discount on life insurance may not be appropriate – when you do not need life insurance for other reasons, it is a discount that is quite expensive to buy.

5. Shop for sti

6. Plate once ron and transfer

Pay it insurance when you choose the frequency of payment in place of several monthly or quarterly installments. Conversely, when you want to pay once a quarter, choose an insurance company that doesn’t pay. These are, for example, esk pojiovna, Axa, Generali, Slavia and Wstenrot. Uette also for pension transfers, if you pay by bank transfer or card. “While five years ago more than half of motorists paid the obligation to pay a bill, today it is only less than aunt,” said Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny.

7. Compare offers and take advantage of actions

Try to use the comparison servers of brokerage companies on the Internet. Find out that your diesel car is half cheaper at the connection, which does not set limits according to the volume of the engine, but according to its power.

You can save hundred crowns when you will not go anywhere and you will conclude a contract with a sweat dog. This option is offered by all connection companies. For the insurance company, this means no costs, it provides an idim discount, usually ten percent.

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