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She wanted to lose weight, the e-shop deprived her of her pension

When buying in the Czech e-shop, the consumer has a relatively short period of time and the goods can be drilled for no reason within thirteen days. Just be careful, although the pages are in ethin, be a foreign online retailer. Problems can arise with a complaint and a refund.

Mr. Miroslava from Pardubice wanted to lose some weight. By accident, she discovered a product on the Internet that could help her. esk pages, photos of people who lost weight, current references and the main reason for returning pensions in case of problems. And so Mr. Miroslava ordered the preparation. In two days, the kurr brewed and she paid 940 crowns. “After those days inside, I felt so bad that I decided to drill the product,” the customer described. “The company guaranteed the return of pensions on its website, so I was convinced that it would be paid in a short time,” she added.

The package was sent to the address from which it was sent: Park avenue, Prague 6. Only the package was returned, such an address does not exist in Prague. Mr. Miroslava therefore sent an e-mail to the company. The company replied that the company outside the Czech Republic and the town returned the pension for a toothpaste. The customer did not agree with tm, but since then no one has responded to his e-mail.

esk pages do not mean that she is an eskho businesswoman

“The fact that a website is in the name of the .cz domain does not necessarily mean that the trader who offers the goods is a message in the Czech Republic,” said Ondej Tichota, advisor to the European Consumer Center at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

And that is also the case of Mr. Miroslava. According to the company, the distributor is a company with an association on Park Avenue in New York. “We could not find out that this company was registered in the New York state business register,” Tichota said. “It seems that this is a deceptive practice, which is behind the cut of the operator of the e-shop,” he added. So the product will be returned nron, if not nemon.

Therefore, if you order goods via the Internet, be careful. Read the e-shop, study its business and delivery conditions, or references of other users. In the event of a complaint about an e-shop from another European Union country, the European Consumer Center can help.

And what does the customer first buy when buying in a foreign e-shop? Answer the advisor of the European Consumer Center, Ondej Tichota.

In the first salary, if you buy via the Internet, the customer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days, does it also pay when buying in a foreign e-shop?
For purchase in any e-shop in the European Union, there is a deadline of at least seven working days from the delivery of the goods, during which the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving a reason. This deadline is set as a minimum by the Consumer Protection Directive, which means that it will be in individual EU member states and parts. In the event that a seller from another EU member state also focuses on Czech consumers, the consumer is usually protected by the first Czech regulations, so a three-day period will apply to withdrawal from the contract in the same way as if they bought in the Czech e-shop.

How to buy goods purchased from a foreign trader?
The procedure is basically the same as when returning goods to the e-shop. It is therefore possible to write a letter to the seller in the law, and then by e-mail or e-mail, that the customer withdraws from the contract. Dleit is, of course, an undamaged product. I definitely recommend that you check the business conditions of a specific e-shop, as some sellers have their own formulas for withdrawing from the contract.

How good is it for goods purchased on the Internet abroad?
If the e-shop focuses on sales to the Czech Republic, it will usually be valid for a period of two years, just like buying in the Czech Republic. Even if the contract is the first of another member state of the European Union, the goods must correspond to the purchase contract and the consumer may complain about any defects within two years of receiving the goods.

Advice: How to recognize fraud on the Internet

  • Enter company information (eg company name, web address, e-mail) into an Internet search. Thanks to this, you can find out how different people have experience with the company. In English, “scam” is called “scam” or “fraud”; If you come across these and similar murders in connection with the word, be careful.
  • Think about how the salesman presents himself. Is the look of the website you are going to shop for professional? The double impression will definitely not be e-mail addresses on free and anonymous servers such as,,,,, etc. In the same way, if the website is located on a free hosting server, it is not sign of professionalism.
  • Make an advance payment only if it is in fact a two-way businesswoman. Certainly don’t give a pension on the street to an unknown hunter with the promise that I will add more in the future. On the Internet, there is a number of users in. Only make an advance payment if you are sure to deal with a two-way supplier. When paying with both PayPal and a credit card, there are tools that can be used to get a refund if the merchant does not deliver. Do not pay to rely on the bag. First of all, credit card details need to be protected.
  • The request for payment by the Western Union system is particularly suspicious. At bank transfers, never send pensions to those private individuals unless they are the seller of the company.
  • Among the usual signs of fraud are the five languages ​​of the law, the requirement of payment in advance in cash and by bank transfer, he put the requirements for payments under a false mention (customs, insurance, packing in this sweat piece of the product) and so on. Remember that if the offer is more appropriate, not to be actual, it is probably not actual!
  • Check the country register in the Commercial Register to see if the company has a registered office (links to the EU, Norway and Iceland country registers are here).
  • Find the company’s information on the Internet server, which offers a photo of the city, according to the address given by the advertisers and on the company’s website. If a supplier claims to be a large multinational company, and the given address is located in the middle of a residential area in the suburbs, there is usually nothing wrong with it.
  • You give your personal data. You too have a great price. Do not share information about yourself on untrustworthy and as yet unknown sites. Only provide data that is actually necessary.
  • Do not react to an unissued sweat (spam) and in that case do not send your bank details, credit card details or your login details to internet banking. Unissued email, never open unfamiliar areas.


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