Wednesday May 25, 2022

Shop with forethought, a list and without a hurry

When should you buy a new kettle for one thousand crowns, say: isn’t it a big unexpected amount in the budget? But have you ever wondered that you spent the same amount in the last month just because you shop in the wrong places, at the last minute or something you don’t need?

Buyers in a hurry and without a list are often the main cause of the remaining sufferers. Prices in hypermarkets and discount stores are about ten and twenty percent lower compared to supermarkets or small parties, sometimes the difference is in t. Potote: 1000 crowns spent at a discount equal to about 1100 and 1200 crowns in a dra self-service. About five such purchases and thousands of crowns trip out the window.

Fewer stores around the corner, on the other hand, pay off due to the dispute over time (and gasoline) to buy pastries that you forgot and other staple foods. The list of what you really need is not only an aid against oblivion, but also not to buy surpluses that could sometimes come in handy. Especially large shopping centers for such an unfilled supply directly. For example, even if you expose goods at a discount to customers right in front of your nose.

Bank entries: do you pay an obligation? About the approach of individual banks tte HERE.

Purchases of these goods, such as household equipment, electronics, clothing, shoes, sporting goods and the like, pay off in advance and do price research, not only among competitors in brick-and-mortar but also in online stores.

buy cheap goods with the brand st or with a special designation of a suitable purchase, for example Albert (Hypernova) or Euro Shopper in Albert (Hypernov), Tesco suitable purchase in Tesk, Best Price Guarantee (Carrefour) and the like

shop where vs rewards for loyalty, for example, in the form of customer points, which can be exchanged for a discount on a purchase or goods, but beware, hand in hand with customer benefits, the store should also offer prices comparable to cheap competition.

Remember to see the most visible places in stores (eg up to a lot of alleys) two merchants of goods who have a lot to sell, it may not be so completely in the sense of your wallet

plate payment card and collect bonuses for which you can then buy (for example, the Bonus esk spoitelny program)

limit kva-type trifles from the machine.

plnujte velk nkupy, compare prices in brick-and-mortar stores and on the Internet, if you do not have access to it at home, go to the library or cafe, where it usually costs a minute to attach a crown, research can also save prints, such as a Sony DVD recorder, which is usually offered for more not 16 thousand crowns, you can buy in the electronic store about 2 and 3 thousand cheaper, you can save ten crowns and hundred crowns in the case of books, CDs, DVDs, toys or home consumption, if you pay attention to prices between online stores

in case of clothes and shoes, ask for discounts, massive, and 70 percent, live right after Christmas and during July

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