Wednesday May 25, 2022

Signs Attention, the ice falls, the homeowners do not shy away from responsibility

Across the Czech Republic began to appear alerted to falling snow. The property owner is obliged to do everything in his power to prevent the code caused by falling snow and ice. However, some people mistakenly believe that by removing the sign, they have fulfilled their volumes.

The sign “Beware, fall ice” is basically just a call for obesity. Otherwise they will not help in it. I understand that if a night falls a few centimeters of new snow and it is not possible for the owner to clear the snow immediately, it makes sense to raise the warning. Let him remember it only when dealing with the insurance company and as proof that he did what he had.

The decisive owner of the property should not place a sign in front of his house for the whole winter and assume that his work is over. The warning is definitely not considered to be the previous code.

To ensure the safety of passers-by or parked cars, the owner of the house must prove when there is a code of health or property caused by snow from the roof.

The problem of a possible dispute is how much it is possible to prove, who and in what proportion is responsible for the caused code.

He put the chapter parked cars in front of the house. If the owner of the property puts the sign “Do not park, fall ice” it does not mean that he could not leave the car in front of the house. “The owner of the bag has ostensibly fulfilled its obligation to prevent the creation of the code by warning against danger and in the same spirit the owner of the vehicle should heed the warning and leave the city marked in this way,” explains Irena Tekov from Dekra Claims Services CZ.

But no one wants them to go check to see if the owner of the house in front of which the car is parked has posted a sign. Also in this case, only information is notified. “To make it more complicated, the owner of the house argued that he was not able to ensure the peace of the snow from the roof due to parked vehicles,” added Tekov.

Binders and first-graders proceed differently in each situation. They are always wrong on the specific circumstances of the accident and the amount of evidence.

Get driven or covered in snow

The owner of the house cannot force pedestrians to walk on the road due to uncleaned snow from the roof. “Warning signs are roughly halfway between the tidy roof and the negligent duty that arises from owning a house. The property owner should definitely not rely on them, ”points out Tekov.

The property owner also assumes liability for the code. Even if the owner of the house has a contract, he will not get rid of his obligation.

If you have trouble recovering the claim, go to court. But remember that you have to prove the generated code, but the owner of the house will defend himself if he fulfills his obligations. Therefore, and you are on any side, always secure as much evidence as possible.

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