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SIPO: The schedule is not written. Let’s see how to really get rid of the fee

You have sent the SIPO city by paper sweat electronically in the presumption that you have five crowns. But it’s nothing. Then for SIPO pensions strhv dl. The problem, which also affected a number of them, was caused by several letters. Pota toti distinguishes between schedule and inscription.

“I used your advice to learn, to convert the schedule into electronic ones, and then I get five crowns,” wrote one of the middle Czechs to the editorial office and was not the only one. Several comments also appeared in the discussion. We looked directly at the pot avcenku and found interesting information.

“If the SIPO Cashless Payment Schedule was sent to me by e-mail, he could not charge the prescribed fee for the delivery of the schedule by e-mail or for the processing of the schedule. E-mails sent to the SIPO cashless payment schedule are free of charge, ”Marta Selicharov assured her. So what’s the problem?

Confused concepts


When you fill in the form “SIPO – enough”, it is clear at first sight to check the box YES next to “Send entry of paid services” in the bottom line of the form. This is a bag full of other promises, not what most people want. What you should tick out in such a case is the box YES next to “Send the SIPO Cashless Payment Schedule via the Internet to an e-mail address” and then add your address there. (see picture).

If you tick (or have the worker tick on the sweat) on the formula that he wants to have the Entry sent, the five-crown fee will not be avoided (see price list).

Then you will receive an entry in the e-mail box (see the picture), which you do not need at all.

the one who wrote to the editorial office received two “papers” electronically, the entry and the schedule. He had to check out the options on the formula, and therefore it was strange to him that the schedule is available electronically and there is still a five-crown fee (see picture). The service for the breakdown itself is free of charge and costs a fee.

SIPO - Schedule

SIPO – Schedule


SIPO – Registration

You should pay attention to what you should go for

  • Only those who pay SIPO cashless can submit an e-mail schedule. Therefore, they have a permanent service in the bank set and approved by the SIPO kinkas.
  • Anyone who still pays with a voucher for a pot, must first transfer payments to non-cash and then apply to me by e-mail. “This is often confused with cash raiders, and then they are surprised that the document is not sent to them electronically, even though they submitted the document by e-mail,” warns Marta Selicharov.
  • You can download the form quite a bit here, you have to fill it in and check it out in person for any pot. You will also need a star paper break to check. If they will help you with the filling, insist that you only want to have a breakdown sent to you.
  • If it happened that you accidentally applied for a postage, fill in a new amount and there the postage will be written. The breakdown cannot be canceled. ”According to the SIPO business conditions, the Czech bank is obliged to send the payer either a SIPO cash document, the so-called SIPO payment document, or a SIPO non-cash payment document, the so-called SIPO non-cash payment schedule. Through the SIPO document, the payer receives detailed information on the individual prescribed fees, ”he explains.
  • The prescription fee for the registration process always follows the month after sending the SIPO Payment Statement, so it will not be reflected on the first schedule.
  • If a mscad msc on the entry from the bank for SIPO any stku, it is not a fee from the sweat, but the fee of the bank itself.
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