Friday May 20, 2022

Slovakia has been driving for eight years for loupee in the Czech Republic

For eight years, the Regional Court in Pilsen sent Ladislav Strok, a Slovak, who robbed gas stations, a casino and a currency exchange in the Czech Republic. The operator was always endangered by a man, and during the last robbery in Rozvadov he was so cruel that the staff of the directional company spent three years after the flow of the wounded.

According to the cover, the forty-year-old driver of the truck “drank” while traveling all over the Czech Republic by dropping gas stations and casinos. During the first half of the year, he made at least three similar cases.

In the burrow, he always regularly visited the casino on the D1 road near Jihlava and the petrol stations in Vysoke Mt and Mohelnice at night on Wednesday. He disguised himself with a carnival mask, a jersey, or a balaclava. The attendant poked his neck and forced her to issue a pension. He took his breath away with thousands of crowns.

K dal loupei decided at the end of June to the opan party of the republic in Rozvadov in the Tachov region. You’ve found the direction. But the worker started to armor. When working with a magnifying glass, he cut the cuttings and when the flower began, Strok put the grass in the field and defeated the leaves.

“Three muscles had to be damaged, the elist was fixed and she was referred to liquid food,” the deputy said.

The accused father was already in court, saying that he was forced into robberies by a desperate financial situation where he did not have to pay his debt. He was in danger for 12 years. Like the deputy, he still retained a deadline for appealing against the verdict. After serving his sentence in a prison with security guards from the Czech Republic, he may be indefinitely prepared for its foundation.

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