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Slovakia wants to pay in euros in two years, the Union is a flight

In 2009, Slovakia would join the countries that pay in euros. The European Union has been carrying this. For the first time, the Slovak government has admitted that it cannot be enforced in European institutions. This follows from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was approved by the Ficv cabinet.

Slovakia would like to

“The determination to ensure the accession of the Slovak Republic to the euro area in 2009 and the current development of the full criteria are not yet reluctant in the unequivocally positive assessment of Slovakia’s readiness presented by the European Commission and the European Central Bank,” the ministry said in a document.

Doubts about Slovakia’s payments for the euro were raised in July by the European Central Bank.

According to a document referred to by Reuters, economists and bank officials wrote that Slovakia would not have to sustain low inflation permanently. First, economists consider this criterion to be the most risky.


– the budget deficit does not exceed 3% of GDP
– public debt does not exceed 60% of GDP
– inflation does not exceed the average country with the lowest inflation by more than 1.5%
– The exchange rate did not deviate from the psma given by the European Union for 2 years
– the nominal year of the rate did not deviate from the best countries by more than 2%

According to the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Slovakia, Slovakia should meet this criterion, but according to the people of the ECB, its sustainability, ie the development of prices in the future, will be decisive. The ECB management did not formally express these doubts.

When assessing Slovakia’s readiness for the euro, the EU institutions will “approach very strictly and will require the full fulfillment of all Maastricht criteria”, the material said.

The decisive factor for Slovakia will be the convergence first, which will take place in April 2008.

Slovakia will lobby more for the euro
Improving Slovakia’s prospects for the adoption of the single currency will be the responsibility of the Dark Agents, which will convince the European Councils that Slovakia will maintain inflation and the public deficit.

The government also wants to focus on explaining how inflation is affected by the expected strengthening of the Slovak koruna, the use of European funds, rising energy prices on world markets or the expected rise in real estate prices.

The working group at the highest level will consist of the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs and the Governor of the Slovak Central Bank (NBS).

The second level will consist of three darknesses on the same level as secretaries of ministries and only the NBS Bank Board. In addition, he manages a sweat with a group of experts from the Ministry of Finance and the NBS.

Slovene diplomats in Brussels, members of the National Council and foreign financial companies in Slovakia also have help with the campaign.

esko spolen mna zatm nepl

The Czech Republic wanted to join the euro area in 2010, but fully abolished and now assumed that the euro will be paid in the Czech Republic and around 2012. – more here

The biggest problem that the country will soon adopt the euro is the poor state of public finances.

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