Wednesday May 25, 2022

Small investors can now trade in Nokia shares

Small and medium-sized investors, for whom the over-the-counter RM-Systm stock market is a priority, have had the opportunity to evaluate the means of investing in a foreign stock at home. From there, they will be able to trade shares of Nokia’s mobile communications companies around the world.

Nokia shares will be available to investors both in the EasyClick segment, with sufficient liquidity for the star of the market (the size of the lot is 50 shares, which at an estimated price of around 600 crowns represents a volume of around 30,000 crowns), and through individual purchases. pieces.

Nokia was founded in 1865 and its original activity was the production of paper. Then she turned to the production of rubber products and has been practicing mobile and telecommunication technologies practically and since the second half of the 20th century. Although the production and sale of mobile phones currently make up the majority of all direct companies (almost 50%), in addition, the company will still be engaged in the production of multimdi and owl devices. One of the last fields in which the company started its business is the field of navigation systems.

In addition to Finland, Nokia shares are traded on the world’s six largest stock exchanges, with a market capitalization of almost EUR 100 billion at prices of around EUR 25. A good first for potential investors are the very good results of the company. In 2007, Nokia reached a record need of over 53.4 billion euros. In addition, mari (14.1%, sector average 9.6%) managed to strengthen and also consolidate its position in the mobile phone market (40.2%).

The prospects are positive
The company regularly pays a dividend once a year and is clearly ahead of the entire sector in terms of ratios. The P / E ratio reaches 12.91 (sector 24.7), return on equity is 53.89 (ROE of the sector is 15.9) and return on equity is 23.9 (ROA of the sector is 6.3). Nokia is also trying to reduce costs by moving production from Germany to Romania, but this was not received positively by investors at first. Although the company accounts for the wages of debts, I can lose the share of the German market, which is one of the key for the company.

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