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Some bankruptcy is sorry for me, others I do not understand, to a lawyer


Today, the lawyer Lence Vidoviov and the bankruptcy, whom the Olomouc court allowed to be separated. He has made sure that five years meet the set installments of the days and you. Reim is separated from the song, who can stand it, I have admiration, k.

Under the pads, a few pads fall apart. He saw the fate of the people who got into debt, the handicap of health, but also quite common pleasure, lightness and naivety. “My duty is to be a means, a confessor and a director of all the sweat that may arise in the department,” Lenka Vidoviov explains to the insolvency administrator.

People who have fallen into the debt trap, according to n at all net, what is in debt. Some fates take their breath away, others don’t. Each case falls with the hope of a new arrest.

Ptilet tightens the belt m rocks

One of Vidoviov’s bankruptcies is Mr. Albta from Olomouc, the mother of a teenage teenage boy. She took a loan, rebuked her ears, and fell into hundreds of debts. You are the sender of about eight thousand, and my son is a little more alive. He is darkly blind, because of his disability he does not work and does not receive a crown from his father’s father.

Debts will be paid from the disability pension and will literally have to spend every crown. Life in bankruptcy is complicated by any, even small, marriage. When your son needs vt shoes.

However, there is a problem if her disability pension, which she receives from the state, is one day late. “In order to tolerate small installments from creditors, I have to find out at the first security meeting what happens when the payment arrives and set a new deadline for Mr. Albt to send the installment,” Vidoviov said. As he added, Albta, meanwhile, was separated from the controls, albeit with all his might.

They got into debt because of their children

The hard reality is going through five bankruptcies, which connect pbh written by life according to the same scene. They got into debt because of their children. They drank for their apartment, a new dormitory and gave zazen, or they took a loan so that their descendants would not have to wait for a flight and get on a new car.

But the parents never succeeded in fulfilling them, the children took it for granted and a gift. The example is Manelsk pr from Olomouc. Finann’s help to the children has caught up with them in millions of debts (about the bonds of children I give birth to here).

“Both of them submitted what they recommend as the best one in such a case. They are both seven years old, they are retiring, but they still have a hard time with him, they also go on non-shifts. Sometimes they give them a few mistakes but they don’t care. When their children arrive, I will challenge them to give birth to financial contributions, not to take a penny out of their wallets. It seems that putting a thousand together is too much for them. I’m angry at the selfishness of one such people. ”

Carelessness is always very rare

The young manly man from Rmaovska, Lenka Vidoviov, immediately overcame their secession, he belongs to those over whom common sense stt. “They have been driven by millions of debts. They were used to drinking absolutely everything, anytime and in any way. When I asked them where all the pensions they drank had disappeared to, they just shrugged. They spent it for utter redundancy, ate and spent the holidays. You have nothing on you, not even on it. He lived with his parents. They are not used to reading and changing lifestyles is for them. I’m worried that they won’t be able to cope for five years. “

What happens when I don’t get my job done? “The court will deprive them of the obligation to repay at least thirty percent of the debt within five years at the same time. If they do not get their jobs, they stop separately and the only bankruptcy and executor is, ”warns Vidoviov.

Enough about segregation is time to welcome you

Don’t just give up the people who have nothing left. The example is a young woman from Lutsk. “Her debts were not very high, around 400 thousand crowns. She had a busy apartment. She could sell him for a sunny thorn price, pay off debts, and never go to court. However, it was convinced that the court would allow the payment of the calendar and that the apartment would not be lost. She was wrong. ”

There are also sad cases where people who are not mentally in debt get into debt. Like you, he is young from Olomouc. His parents did not want to deprive him of their primordial nature, they did not think that their son would fly me over and take a loan for himself and a friend. Natst drank the debts early and took the son’s bond.

Insolvenn sprvce pomh eit problmy

Lenka Vidoviov psn is one of her clients. “The court will not advise them on how to behave and resolve the situation within five years. I have to prepare them for what ek is. I will not start the day with the discussion. Fully open and clear to them: immediately signal me any problem. ”

He also works a bit like a psychologist and a kid. For example, one of the clients asked her if she could postpone the payment, because she needed to buy a grandfather for the funeral of the shot. Saving 300 crowns from the tight span of the bag was a huge tissue for a long time. Vyeila did it with wise advice: “Strci will definitely stand when you give him a silent memory.”

executors and creditors often have to abrade. Some of them, notwithstanding the fact that the court allowed it separately, owed it long debts. Bell on their door and dream of getting something extra. “They don’t have the first to do that,” concludes the insolvency leader resolutely.

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