Tuesday May 24, 2022

Some businesswomen do not stick to the company, but they know not a few

women are conservative in business and do not like to take risks. The owners of the companies agreed, who succeeded in the competition of award-winning Czech businesswomen this year. Mui, on the other hand, are insoles. They go to the business head on and then what could happen.

According to surveys, it is most difficult for women to make a business decision. “Women are definitely in business caution. It is very difficult to take a big step even during business. My brother always k, so do it like this, because he blew over it… But I can imagine the consequences. women try to protect their families, because what will happen in a year or two, and then act in such a way as to endanger as close as possible, ”to Anastzie Skopalov, owner of Cosmetics ATOK International.

bankrupt me

Mui, on the other hand, in the first case, act first, then ask if their step was right. women are preparing for business spirits, so they are significantly less bankrupt than not.

“If we compare companies with 100% ownership and 100% ownership, then the statistics show that companies fail much less. about 30 percent of companies are owned, ”says auditor Jana venkov.

“It’s true that I started a business without it. I wouldn’t say I was upset, but I was wondering if it would work out or not. I married Pjka at the arrest, I had a feeling that it would not be possible without it, ”adds Petr, a businessman from Prague, for five years.

Musk and female character traits play their role. According to Ivana achov, they are very important and often they are concerned with how best to succeed, not for the best possible result. In contrast, women are responsible and careful. This makes it much more heard about entrepreneurs.

“Women entrepreneurs are much less well known than entrepreneurs. It’s a big code. When they are started and known, it will certainly inspire business to continue, ”concludes Roman Frkous from GE Money Bank, who is in charge of a similar life project (see the previous article).

Jednn s mui nm nedl problmy

Women in all companies are still in the name, so at one time they meet firmly with men, and you do business in the production of over or silk bedding. That didn’t worry about them, on the contrary.

“I never noticed that they would show me their strength at one time. On the contrary, I was honored and honored in my dealings with him for a very long time. I am happy among them, ”Skopalov values.

You can’t do business without humility, agree businesswomen

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are both credited with characteristics such as arrogance and conceit. At the same time, they agreed that one of the most important things in business and in the approach to employees is humility and honor.

“Humility should be part of the lifestyle of everyone from us. The business also taught me to read about what I wouldn’t normally expect. Sometimes you have to act in a different way than what the hunter was used to, ”describes Ivana achov, the owner of the Silex company, in her experience.

“I treat everyone as equals. The employee must feel that you think about it and do not know how to develop it, ”he said.

Hana Eckert, owner of Clarkson, was surprised at the speed with which the economic crisis manifested itself in the Czech economy at the end of 2008. The crisis taught her to find herself to help those who were wrong. “In times of crisis, some entrepreneurs were very desperate. We tried to sympathize with them and help them, even if we knew we would not close the day. ”

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