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Some credit cards are expensive even in arrivals if you are in charge of them

To the selected clients of some banks and installments of the company, send a credit card offer with a pre-approved credit line. If you do not activate the card, you do not pay anything for it. If you apply for a credit card from the bank yourself, then you will pay for the pension that the bank reserves for you, even if you never use the card.

It may have happened to you that you had a letter from a bank or company installment in the mailbox and a credit card in it. You learned from the letter that the company will offer you, as a two-time and proven client, a credit card holder.

Most banks did not issue cards to clients

Banks usually issue credit cards to clients and when they give them themselves. And after thoroughly proven client. However, some of them, such as Komern banka, Volksbank, Potovn spoitelna and mBank, will send a selected credit card offer to selected clients with a pre-approved credit card.

Komern banka thus also agrees with the provision of credit cards to clients who have previously agreed to the provision of a credit card at the time of using the consumer ‘s bank. A call center worker will find out if their income lasts and if so, the card will be sweat. To activate it, the client must submit a PIN and sign an amendment to the contracts at the branch.

The savings bank sent its selected existing clients a credit card offer, which in most cases also includes a pre-made plastic card, which, if the client accepts the offer, only needs to be activated and the card used.

Thus, Volksbank contacts its clients with a credit card offer. If the client is interested in it, he will pick it up with a pre-approved frame at the branch.

On the other hand, esk spoitelna, GE Money Bank, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank and Citibank never send a credit card to clients with a pre-approved credit card.

The bank will always issue the issued credit card as active

Another situation occurs when a bank client speaks about a credit card. If, for example, in internet banking even on the recommendation of a financial advisor for a back card, a contractual relationship is concluded between the bank and the client. And the client has the same rights and obligations as the other owner of the product.

Banks credit cards are issued to enough clients to issue as active.

It is a mistake to think that if you do not use a credit card, you do not pay anything for it. A credit card is a financial product ready for use. Its holder has free pension from the bank at all times. The bank has to pay for these resources, which the bank reserves for him, either by msnm or ronm fee.

Even if you do not use a credit card, you must pay for it

Two misconceptions described their misconceptions and subsequent experience with lavage and non-use of credit cards. In the internet banking of esk spoitelna, Mr. Lenka ticked the agreement to send a credit card with a preset amount of 65 thousand crowns. She was also interested in the offer that the first year of use of the card is free, free of charge.

She never used the card, so she thought she was not active and did not have to pay a fee for it even after one year. However, the bank misled her, and a year later she demanded to pay a fee of 300 crowns for the card holder. Lenka paid the fee and canceled the card immediately.

So, after several contacts from the advisor who arranged a life insurance agreement with him, Martin let himself be persuaded and issued a credit card with a credit line of 50 thousand crowns per year free of charge. He never used the card either. After a year, they warned him that MSN had not paid a fee of 35 crowns. Bohuel also created a penle with the unpaid fee, which grew during the year and 700 crowns in the dark. Martin preferred to cancel the credit card after paying the debt.

When buying in installments, agree with the credit card by signing

People who buy in installments through Cetelem or Home Credit sign a credit agreement stating that they can get the company’s credit card. The condition for this is a good payment term, ie several months of debt repayment.

“The client will then receive an unactivated credit card with an initial letter and the current fee schedule. If he activates the card by telephone to an automatic line or during a call with our operator, he will receive a PIN in the hands of the registered mailer, ”explains the practice of Home Credit by Eva imnov.

Cetelem also practices in the same way. The client activates the card either by first withdrawal at an ATM or by phone to the company’s customer center.

You do not pay anything for a non-activated card

The decision whether to keep the offered credit card, activate it or not, is only for vs. If you lose it unactivated to the installment and forget about it, you don’t have to worry that the financial company will charge you some fees. “Upon receipt of the card, the client is not bound to it. If he does not want to use the card and does not activate it, he does not pay a one-day fee for it, “says Martin Mal, Cetelem’s spokesman.

If you really don’t want the card to be deactivated, even in the past, it’s time to discard it. Punch magnetic strips and ip cards. Of course, you also have the opportunity to send it to the company that sent it to me.

If you decide to use a credit card and activate it, you will be paid for all the same conditions and fees as for other credit card holders.

Do not pay for an unused card with the company’s installments

A client who uses a credit card from Cetelem i Home Credit and does not activate it by buying or withdrawing from an ATM does not pay for the first time and is not even worth a crown.

“If the client uses his card in some msci, pay for the first and keep the msn fee. If he stops using it at first, in these places, when the card does not take place on the card and it is not related to it at first, we do not prescribe a fee for keeping the balance here, ”explains Martin Mal from Cetelem.

A similar fee is required in Home Credit. The first year of the uvn card is free. For another year, the company always monitors the client’s return card for 12 months. The client pays the fee only for the MSC in which he made any transaction via the card.

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