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Spoitelny vce take no two

The fees that building societies offer to their clients are a source of ethnicity discussions. Due to their uncontrollable increase, an amendment to the Building Savings Act was even adopted last year. To what extent do the fees reduce the income from the building savings? Can years of deposit be fixed at all?

In addition to the entrance to the castle for the conclusion of the contract, which he makes building societies in the amount of one percent of the tax, all participants have a minimum fee for the first time here. Building societies pull it down most often once a year, Raiffeisen building societies quarterly.

It either includes all services, or it is exempt from the fee for regular subscription, which is charged separately. At present, the savings bank has about 300 crowns per year. HYPO stavebn spoitelna offers a fee of 360 crowns.

There was much controversy over whether these fees were high or low. The client pays around 25 crowns for the management of the savings bank. This is definitely not a reversible stunt, running a lot here is much more expensive. On the other hand, for many years the building savings will not take place on the building savings. sttn support.

It is clear whether 300 crowns is a little or too much, but the minimum fact that they can pay a lot for what the client from the savings bank can pay for these fees. After the financial side from n dostv only years. At present, years of deposit rates are most often at 2%. What is known in comparison with other savings products is a high return, but this is rarely at least covered by savings fees.

Pipsan years do not cover fees

Due to the fact that the castle for its management is set here by a fixed area and it does not depend on the connection, it is the same for all clients. Therefore, the greatest impact on contracts with low locks. The following two tables are given here to give you an idea of ​​how to fully charge a fee for years. For several differently high deposits, here is a list of 12 ms locks. The example therefore corresponds, among other things, to the result that the building society client achieves at the end of the first year of his savings. I will accept the current support and we can accept the assumption that the castle for the conclusion of the contract was paid separately and is not considered here. One year was used during the advance, when the deposits are sent at the end of each month. A positive result, when the fixed fee is fixed, is achieved and at a lower rate above 2,200 crowns. Most clients who do not want to have much less.

TAB. 1

In the year-on-year rates at 2% pa and ronmfee 285 K
msn vklad (K) po 12 mscch naspoeno (K) total ron year (K) ron one year after deduction of fee (K)
200 2 426 26 -259
500 6 065 65 -220
1 000 12 131 131 -154
1 500 18 196 196 -89
1 700 20 622 222 -63
2 000 24 262 262 -23
2 200 26 688 288 3
2 500 30 327 327 42
3 000 36 392 392 107

Source: Fincentrum

TAB. 2

In the year-on-year rates at 4% pa and ronmfee 575 K
msn vklad (K) po 12 mscch naspoeno (K) total ron year (K) ron one year after deduction of fee (K)
200 2 453 53 -522
500 6 132 132 -443
1 000 12 263 263 -312
1 500 18 395 395 -180
1 700 20 847 447 -128
2 000 24 526 526 -49
2 200 26 979 579 4
2 500 30 658 658 83
3 000 36 790 790 215

Source: Fincentrum

The SS S star severely discriminates against contracts

The specific rates and castles for the first time listed here in these two cases are taken from the tariff of Stavebn spoitelny S. This is because the second table shows the extreme that the bag will actually encounter in practice. For some of its clients, SS S has an unbeatable fee on the market. Two most savings banks poured contracts for the old, more suitable year and for the new contract. Clients with lpe roenmi deposits had to pay you fees. Currently, this procedure is used only by SS S and Raiffeisen. SS S tuje clients who have negotiated a contract by June 30, 2000 and have annual deposits at a rate of 4%, ron a fee for keeping here in the amount of 550 crowns. To do this, go for a fee of ron 25 crowns. The results of such slas can be seen in the type table. (To be on the safe side, he had a note. The results in the given tables are calculated for the first twelve months of any connection with the given parameters.

Current prices of apartment and rent in R. More on CENYBYTU.IDNES.CZ

Given that these contracts, if clients have actively connected to them all the time, they can have a fairly large amount, it pays not to cancel them. If the owner of such a contract does not need funds now, I can keep the contract as a suitable savings. At present, it will not find a typical percentage rate for other savings products on the market. In addition, SS S does not require regular savings, so you can leave the contract just like that. The spanning time from above is not limited, the limit is only on the person, which is not possible. Ron won a year then in these cases I know the fee of 575 crowns.

How are the clients in the individual building societies

The following table shows the current years rates from deposits and castles for keeping here in individual building societies. The example, as in the previous tables, shows the results for the first 12 months of savings, the castle for negotiated contracts and the current support are not taken into account here. If the savings bank also charges a fee for the entry from here, the sum of both fees is given here. The results are spotted for three different locations. Deposits around CZK 1,700 msn are used to optimize support. The amount of 2,200 crowns means that the balance of the acquired year with a reduced fee.

In the years obtained after the first 12 months, the savings according to the conditions of individual classes. spoitelen pro ti rzn ve msnch deposit (K)
building savings bank years rate (%) ron fee (K) 1 000 1 700 2 200
MSS 2% 290 -159 -68 -2
HYPO publ. 2.4% * 360 -203 -93 -14
Modr pyramida 2% 300 -169 -78 -12
Raiffeisen 2% 300 -169 -78 -12
SS S 2% 285 -154 -63 3
wstenrot 2,1% 280 -143 -46 22

Source: Fincentrum; * HYPO spořitelna makes deposits with its NS savings tariff at an annual rate of 2%, if the client meets the prescribed conditions, he will receive an additional 20% of years. It is therefore stated at a rate of 2.4%.

The results are quite similar in individual savings banks, and Wstenrot’s clients are a little better off. From the point of view of HYPO spořitelna, the least suitable conditions from this point of view, the high fee is not compensated even by the rate on the market for the highest years.

According to vs, a building joint is suitable as a savings product? How do you value a dispute?

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