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Spolen et je szka do lottery. The owner vs catch me anytime

One floor for the whole household will bring a dispute in fees and a better overview of finances. I can also cause it to a partner that the bank does not lead as the owner here. I may find myself without pensions if one of my partners blocks access to it.

Most clients have different types of operations and fees set for them, which often pay for several banks for several hundred crowns a month. To make a noticeable range in the budget, the fees mean at a time when there are several banks in the family and between the partners of the banks.

One thing, how to minimize the costs of managing the pension and at the same time get a better overview of family income and expenses, is one company.

In this case, however, you must agree on who will be the owner here (if it will be written on it) and who will be the so-called dispatcher, ie the team who has access to pensions here, but also becomes the “hostage” of the owner. at any time in the approach to get stuck here.

This experience was described by a thin Jan, who was authorized by his friend to pay his pension at his place. The young came to live together, tried to minimize the amount of expenses, so one of the measures was canceled Janina here.

“My friend was very familiar with financial difficulties for a long time, so it was clear from the time of the arrest that we would keep him, he would take care of him first and foremost, and he would take care of the joint finances,” said Jana. For some time it worked without problems, the payments went to one year and they both had their credit card. Unfortunately, the partners were uncomfortable, and eventually parted ways, and Jana remained completely pensionless overnight. The father caught up with her at the same time, but nevertheless.

At the moment when the owner decides to discourage the second partner from joining here, no one should stop him. And there is no obligation for the bank partner to inform about it. It often happens that you find out about it and at the moment when your ATM refuses to issue the required cash. Contacting the bank is required. If you do not agree with the owner, you can only go to court.

Banks do not go out for clients

Banks themselves could prevent similar inconveniences to that of thin Jan, if the clients of their portfolios were offered by the owners together. The attitudes of banks are contradictory, on the one hand, they point out changes in the breeding client towards minimizing the sweat, on the other hand, that clients do not have a common interest.

The truth will probably be somewhere in the middle. Banks always want to learn to work with clients, where there are two equal owners and their attitudes to it can sometimes be in mutual conflict.

“From our point of view, in comparison with the standard one, the company is divided into one with clients and their service and management here. Complexation is thus a lower requirement for all owners, who can sometimes be contradictory. In this case, we would take on the role of an arbitrator between the individual owners, which will not change us, ”explains Jan Holinka from esk spoitelna.

with equal owners only ut bank

Only those banks Citibank, mBank and UniCredit Bank offer their clients a joint venture with equivalent first owners. In mBank, mKont can have two co-owners, in UniCredit Bank, Spolenho bnho tua ti. Citibank does not limit the number of co-owners offered in any way.

Against here, with one owner and several disposers have a clear advantage in the equal position of all co-owners, they have the same rights and obligations. “They are joint and several vitelibanks and the joint and several responsibility for all the volumes was created by the bank in connection with the management here,” says Ivana Burinkov from mBank.

The joint agreement must be signed by each co-owner, and at the same time he is entitled to dispose of this and the available pensions separately. The bank implements the instructions of the co-owner during the operation in the order in which they were delivered. The consent of all co-owners is required to revoke one of the co-owners.

The owner has everything to me, the manager is just nothing

Unlike the co-owner, the co-owner of the common team of the authorized person here with one owner is the first known restriction. The owner of some of them invites me to any number here, except Potovn spoitelny, which will allow only you.

Banks do not require a strong relationship between lawyers. Therefore, the dispatcher can be anyone whom the owner ur.

To put it simply, the owner can do anything with his own in accordance with the contract he signed with the bank.

On the other hand, the manager only carries out those operations which relate to the pension to be collected, enter direct debits or take orders. We can cancel et, change limits or data on vr, u neme.

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