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In order to pay me in taxes, you must have a life insurance policy that you can use. or the so-called capital and investment, possibly linked to a single premium.

Until recently, it was true that if you have life insurance only risks, the tax levies do not matter. Even that in the bag me would be different. For example, Uniqa offers so-called dividend risks. “The basis is the risk insurance, the savings can be kept to a minimum, and the contract can still be enforced,” explains Eva Trajboldov from the insurance company.

How many

You will not deduct the paid insurance directly from the tax, as some advertising slogans claim, but from the tax base. That is, from the point of view from which it can only be established. Neuette thus paid a total of 12,000 crowns, but 15 percent of them, or 1,800 crowns.

the dispute is not out of reach

You can only take the bag from the insurance that you pay for life insurance. If you want to be disabled once, these pensions will not be deducted from your tax. For example, when you pay a monthly press and of which one hundred crowns are insured once, you can only pay 10,800 crowns a year and not 12 thousand in full.

Find out the exact amount each year for the confirmation that the insurance company will send to you during January. With the confirmation, you will then come to the wages of the thorns and have the dispute complained of, or you will state the amount as a non-taxable amount in your tax return. If you have more than one insurance policy, you can get more than 12,000 crowns a year.

Entrance for deputies

The employer will also give you an invitation to join the life insurance company. The law allows him to contribute to each employee a year and 24,000 crowns, together for life insurance and supplementary pension. How many songs in m d is on nm. If you have only life insurance, you can theoretically prove the contribution and 2,000 crowns per month. I pay that you get these pensions in the same way and even the employer is not taxed. Do not pay for them socially and health insurance.

The fact that the employer provides the contribution, but to go does not mean that you will succeed with it. Some companies make the condition conditional on arranging a contract with a specific insurance company, and this may not be the most suitable for everyone. In addition, you need to realize that you undertake to pay life insurance for several decades, change your employer after years and he does not have to contribute to it.

In case of non-compliance with the contract, you will replenish

If you decide to terminate the insurance contract early, ie the period for which you originally agreed it will not expire, not only will you probably not even receive funds for insurance deposits, but you will also have to return the applicable tax dispute.

In practice, this will take place in such a way that in the following tax return you state as the so-called other income all the receipts that you have read in previous years. And then follow the tax. If you did not keep the confirmation or changed the work, also do not know how much it was, the insurance company sent me the amount.

The fact for people with a salary may be the fact that due to the two progressive taxes and 32 percent received the maximum number of disputes (with a deduction of 12,000 crowns) 3,840 crowns, now they will return
“Only” 1,800 crowns for each year when they taxed.

On the other hand, those with a low salary, who fell into the lowest tax rate of 12 percent, spent a maximum of 1,440 crowns on insurance and will return 1,800 crowns, because fifteen percent tax is the same for everyone, regardless of income.

How many
Msn payment dispute over the deadline
100 K 180 K
300 K 540 K
500 K 900 K
800 K 1 440 K
1 000 K a vce 1 800 K

Daov record

  • where a maximum of CZK 12,000 can be deducted from the tax base (the insurance must be for a period of at least five years and the payment of the insurance benefit must be agreed at the earliest in the year when the insurance company will be 60 years old)
  • if the insurance policy has an agreed insurance premium for doit, this insurance must be CZK 70,000 for contracts longer than 15 years, and CZK 40,000 for contracts from 5 to 15 years. When the client terminates the life insurance policy, he must deliver it
  • the employer contributes to me and 24,000 crowns a year, which neither he nor the employee gives. Only the employer can contribute to the contract, the client may not be obliged to pay the pension.

News pojioven

The fund included Parworld Quam 15 in its portfolio, which is not a manager, as usual, but then with a programmed maximum return.


In addition to the newly concluded Rytmus, Rytmus M and Investin account of the future Universe bonds, you involve free involuntary loss of employment. Salary until June 30, 2009.

It has increased the number of wolves to connect once in connection with active participation in sports events.


One-off investment P Balance 8. It is for 8 years, when he is 52 years old and older, you can apply tax rebates.


Pojitn Maximum allows you to invest only 50 crowns from paying a thousand crowns, and you can be highly insured at risk. Tax benefits can thus be claimed. On the contrary, it is possible to insure only symbolically and invest the investment.

esk pojiovna

From the common life-bonding Patriot, which was conceived as a simple product with a high degree of safe value for money.

UNDER Pojiovna

It introduces a cover for new risks of reinsurance, for example, double payment in the event of death in traffic accidents and sports.


BeneFIT family insurance offers a refund of insurance premiums as a bonus in the event of a safe process. Borehole and a quarter of the premium paid. It can be arranged for eight people, the connection may not be from one family.

Establish a permanent connection result of more than 400 types once. In addition, it introduces a similar principle, where the results of the words not stated in the contract will be similar to the one mentioned above and the full payment will be made as such. The price is from 19 crowns to 100,000 crowns of insurance.

New Capital Life Insurance Harmony, for which the premium for loyalty is more than one percent of the insurance premium for life. Pay the insurance company to the client at the end of the insurance.

Pojiovna esk spoitelny
One-off capital premium Capital with a guaranteed technical annual rate of 4 percent. Can be arranged until the end of May 2009.


From June 1, the introduction of the capital life insurance Gold for a single insurance policy with the possibility to arrange it for a period of 5 and 8 years. From the same date, discount the life insurance and faith insurance of Special products. Discount for new insurance and 20 percent.

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