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Stapek dropped lacle and the place of collecting herbs in financial literacy

He looks like a ten-year-old boy, but in reality he is a dozen dogs. At one point, it looked like he had ended up in a retirement pension, and his employer offered him a new contract. The clip, especially the oldest “ijc” advertising mascot of Czech finance, thus continues in curry and in the time of internet banking.

At a time when he had been reading a generation for days, the truth looked a little different. The light-haired boy who was out in the world in the late 1970s wore a striped T-shirt, green slacks and red shoes. And it was said that he was the right boy and pub.

He carried the pepper to a collection point, picked up the herbs, and paid the pension on one of the most sophisticated financial products of the time, on a passbook. He thus helped to promote the services of the then esk sttn spoitelny (STSP).

The clients of Spoitelna were also made obligatory by the children of the circle, and if they were to grow out to be a citizen of a socialist society, you had to educate them from an early age to thrift, thrift, responsibility and economy.

“How is it best to work on the children’s bike, especially in the first stage of the basic rounds? Of course, the picture and graphic campaign seemed to be the most suitable form, and in this context, the figure of Sponka was born with the support and contribution of Sttn spoitelny, ”says KarelNenadl from the esk spoitelny Archive. The appearance of Sponka was imprinted by the well-known illustrator and illustrator Edita Plickov, the author of the text for his phodm and adventures was Marie Tetourov.

“Mr. Husnk from Spoitelna gave the idea to create the character of the black boy Sponka am to draw his form. I prepared some five or so proposals and in Spoiteln they chose. Probably increased the color of the character, “recalls Edita Plickov. She has been creating for children for many years, so it was not necessary for her to create the appearance of a typical boy of that time.


He had a lot of paper clips on his shoulders. If he became the mascot of a financial institution, it was not just about uit children spoit. He was a role model for them in many other areas as well. For example, young children learn that:

  • everything has its value and nothing is free,
  • he has to manage his pension responsibly (it is better to keep something for later and not to spend everything right away),
  • The collection of secondary raw materials and living plants is very important,
  • it is necessary and necessary to use energy (especially electrical),
  • It is necessary to churn them and tread them responsibly (that is, not to sweep away the shine, hj and bow),
  • invites and birds are thus also in the being and not in the stuff or slingshot air rifles,
  • food should be consumed carefully, definitely not in the trash.

For a decade, the paper clip did what he could. You could meet his character on flyers, calendars, clock schedules, stickers, coloring books, flags and various brochures for children.

The popular children’s magazine ABC also gave him a lot of space, where 13 dl comics were published, in which Sponek and a group of friends used to behave in such a way that they would grow into pub times. In addition to comics, the children were able to capture and fold the paper character Sponka, Sponek’s chest and you Quartet of good pubs.

Sponek 21.stolet: Internet a finann gramotnost

Staples – the right boy and pub – would not inspire many children during the day. The city of old paper and live herbs takes children asleep. That is why Sponka adapted the current concept to the current ideas and activities of children.

With the “starm” Staple, the “new” is associated only with a blond mole. Otherwise, it is at first glance a typical representative of the young generation of the 21st century. Its appearance was embodied by Jan Smolk, a worker from Tbora.

The main motivator of the current Staple is to teach children how to become familiar with the complex world of finance. “We communicate the clip mainly on the portal www.sporinkov.cz. But it also appears on flyers, tapeters in children’s corners, on dragon objects and in coloring books. It even exists as a costume that we can use at children’s celebrations, ”says Klra Paesov from esk spoitelna.

According to the bank, the children liked Souasnho Sponka. Spoitelna states that the portal uses 748 rounds. “If they managed to reach each other, even if they achieved the popularity that Sponek had in the 80’s, the darkness of our duties would be fulfilled,” said Klra Paesov.

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