Tuesday May 24, 2022

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The price of silver, like other commodities, has risen dramatically in the last year. The possibility to invest in silver is now a whole range. Just choose.

The price of silver has risen by about 27% in the last year and currently stands on the market one ounce of about 16.65 USD. Silver, like gold, is used to protect against inflation and the weak dollar, just as it is used in times of uncertainty as a store of value. Especially in recent months, the risk of high global inflation has increased, and it is estimated that 95% of all silver was deducted, which increases the price for further price increases.

Pevahu m Peru
It is always good to know where the silver comes from. The disruption in these countries affects the market price. The largest producer in the world, according to data from 2005, is Peru, which produces about 102 million ounces. Mexico is in the Czech Republic with 92 million ounces and Australia is in this city. Other important producers are Chile, Russia, Poland, the United States, Canada and Kazakhstan.

At least a piece of silver in the portfolio

One of the advantages of silver is that there is a possibility of this commodity physically shop – what is the first opportunity to invest in it. You can’t search for coin dealers on the Internet. Znm are, for example, coins of the Canadian Royal Mint. Each coin represents one ounce of silver and the purity of silver reaches 99.99%, which is the purest silver in the world.

In addition to coins, it is possible to trade silver bricks, which are 100 ounces in size. Here, the investor should pay attention to the purity of silver, it is recommended to buy bricks with a purity of 99% upwards.

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The possibility of investing in silver is offered by the dog shares of companies dealing with you or the production of silver. Companies that focus on silver include Pan American Silver Corporation (PAAS) and Silver Wheaton Corp. PAAS reported in Vancouver on some of the prominent mines in Peru, Mexico and Bolivia.

A well-known company engaged in silver production and other activities is the British-Australian concern BHP Billiton, whose shares are listed on the stock exchanges in Australia, London, New York and Johannesburg. In our neighboring Poland, the company KGHM Polska, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is the largest silver producer in Europe. Another company engaged in the production of silver is, for example, the Kazakh Kazakhmys, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

If we want to trade in the price movement on the market and speculate on price growth or decline, we offer the possibility of trading futures kontrakt or CFD, settlement contract. The most liquid futures are COMEX Silver, which is a standard contract traded on the New York Commodity Exchange and represents 5,000 troy ounces of silver per contract. The Dalmot contract trades CBOT Mini-Silver on the Chicago Stock Exchange. It represents only 1,000 ounces per contract with a purity of 99.9% and is available in e-commerce.

Settlement contracts (CFD contracts) are linked to the prices of individual futures contracts. The difference between a CFD and a futures contract is that in the event of a CFD contract, there is no risk of a physical supply of the commodity.

One convenient way to invest in silver is to invest in silver ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). ETFs are an investment vehicle traded on stock exchanges as well as bonds or shares. Until recently, there was no bottom ETF to monitor the price of silver. In 2006, Barclays Global Investors, a subsidiary of Barclays Capital, established the ETF through its iShares program, which monitors the price of silver. This new ETF is a testament to the investor’s interest in silver in their portfolios.

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