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Such with documents or a purse, be sure to insure against krdei d just tko

You will not find insurance women’s handbags or document bags, which are often a thief, in offers in Czech, conceived as a separate product. Nevertheless, the consequences of the stolen document and pension can be mitigated by the help of a household or car insurance company. However, both variants have some limitations.

Robbing on the street can usually be given to a connected household, which applies not only to things in the apartment, but anywhere in the Czech Republic.

“A person must have a handbag with him or her, he / she understands it directly with him / herself, and he / she can hold his / her shoulder or place it next to him / her at a table in a restaurant,” describes Vclav Blek, a spokesman for the insurance company.

Klov is in this case the word peel. The situation must therefore be accompanied by force or contempt. Therefore, the insurance does not apply to the queen in the restaurant, when he swells for a while and is gone.

The handbag is free. Therefore, pay only to the insurance household, which shows an example of an example of an example.

You have to call the police. The insurance company will need a report on the code. The code can be shown as thin by the action. The cash contained in the purse is documented.

The insurance household therefore no longer applies by definition to cases where you do not have a handbag with you, but for example leave it in the car. Such cases are usually accidentally insured.

The price of the household is according to the model example
Pojiovna Product name Cena ronho pojistnho Complicity
esk business insurance company Domex Plus 833 crowns 1,000 crowns
esk pojiovna Cube 2,088 crowns 2,000 crowns
Cooperative Before 2,755 crowns 1,000 crowns
Uniqa Domcnost Standard* 1,480 crowns 1,000 crowns
Source: Pojiovny, Note. The table shows only the insurance companies that have their handbags included in the insurance household; * cannot be negotiated without liability for the code

Secure the handbag in the car

Such with documents or a handbag protects automatically, for example, accident insurance at esk pojiovny or Kooperativa. In this case, the baggage insurance does not apply to pensions, valuables and identity documents, but only to the handbag itself. Therefore, it pays off especially for luxury handbags.

In addition, the handbag must be stolen from the car’s narrow luggage compartment. If you leave your handbag leet on the seat or you do not lock the car, you are out of luck.

The purse of a car handbag could be covered by a household, but only if the idik would immediately force, for example, endangered pistol.

Direct Pojiovna expands its offer of car handbags. “Safety handbags are automatically included in the mandatory liability and emergency insurance and cover the situation that occurs when it is in the car. For example, in the event of traffic lights or during a traffic accident, ”explains Tom Zavoral, a new connection, speaking Direct Pojiovny.

In this case, the insurance is agreed with a limit of five thousand crowns and the co-payment is 10 percent, at least 500 crowns. You will receive a cash pension payment from Direct up to a maximum of two thousand crowns, the remaining thousands relate, for example, to mp3 players, cameras, flash drives and the like.

The safety handbag is basically also suitable for men. “The product is primarily intended for me, arrange it with me and him. However, the safety handbag must be the property of the idiot or idik, ”adds Zavoral.

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