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t free in esku pibv. But you won’t get caught without the internet

With several banks, you can get it free of charge and thus save heavily on bank fees. There are also separate savings from which you can choose the pension at any time and without penalty. But don’t be bt internet banking.

The free bank is not just a bet on mBank, which has more than 300,000 people open to it. Banks have already paid for zero fees for basic banking services, such as the domestic bank Fio, where almost 70,000 people shared it free of charge.

Internet banking reduces the cost of banks

“Let’s think that the source of profit of a banking institution should be the differences between the years of deposit and the years of vr and not the fees for bn you,” to Vendula aloudkov, speaking Fio Bank. The company is operated over the Internet and there are practically all basic financial operations free of charge, including standing orders, standing orders, SIPO, cash deposit at the branch and payment cards. Vbrry at the branch is free, but only from one hundred crowns.

You also have large banks in the Czech Republic for free. For example, students can visit Personal et Student at esk spoitelny and with a smart choice of banking services from 15 months can be obtained completely free of charge. Most often students choose to use payment cards, withdrawals from ATMs esk spoitelny and the Internet and telephone banking. For this free triple combination of services, a free and written entry is kept here. If the student finds another selected bank service, he has to pay for it.

Bn et with zero fees for basic services can be registered with LBBW Bank (IQ Account Free) and Potovn spoitelny (Personal free). Their internet banking branch is established, maintained and abolished free of charge. Banks also issue them with free payment debit cards for purchases at merchants. The deposit on these free tech bags must not fall below the set limit. At LBBW Bank the minimum balance is 500 crowns, at Potovn spoitelna 200 crowns, otherwise there is a risk that the bank will cancel.

For these toll free rules, they are suitable if you do not make many payment transactions and you prefer two-way internet banking. Some services, such as withdrawals from foreign ATMs, paper vouchers and banking services provided at the branch are charged, you need to be careful.

Where you can mt bn et with free internet service
Bank Nzev tu Deposits in mnch How to pay for the services *
mBank mKonto K paprov vpis / 30 K, 4. a kad dal vbr z atm ATM / 35 K, 11. a kad gave an outgoing payment to a foreign bank / 3 K
bank wire Fio bn and K, EUR, USD vbr on pepper up to 1 000 K / 30 K, entry sent by sweat / usually 10 K, vbr from ATM SOB / 6 K, vbr from foreign ATM / 30 K
esk spoitelna Osobn and Student ** K for 40 K msn one and three gave services (you are allowed to pay here, information about the balance in the form of SMS, payments in the field S free or gave a payment card)
LBBW Bank IQ Account Zdarma K, EUR. USD, GBP a CHF vbr from any ATM / 6.50 K (the bank does not have its own ATMs), papr msn entry / 15 K, 5 K outgoing payments over the Internet, took orders to foreign banks, collection / SIPO
Potovn spoitelna Personal and Free K vbr from a foreign ATM / 39 K, cash deposit at a branch / 50 K, vbr cash at a branch / 100 K
* selected items, ** when choosing a triple combination of services – use of payment cards, withdrawals from ATMs of esk spoitelny and internet, telephone banking, source: individual banks and their rates

Use thousands of people for free

The offer of separate savings banks is also expanding in the Czech Republic, for which the bank does not charge the same fees. In addition to ING, there are, for example, AXA Bank and Fio banka. Ron valued the deposit now ranges from 1.35 to 2.5 percent. The deposited free cash can be withdrawn at any time, so it is used by a relatively large number of people.

According to the week, more than 330,000 people speak on the free ING Account. Deposits can now be appreciated by 1.75 percent a year. Pensions can be entered and withdrawn at any time, via internet transfer to other clients at any bank. There doesn’t even have to be a crown left on the spoic. However, over time, the bank will warn you whether the client is standing still and may not have forgotten the passwords. There are some above-standard services that the client submits for, for example, written entries that cost fifty crowns. The bank does not issue a payment card for this savings.

AXA Bank has an open savings and over 30,000 clients. It is also controlled via the Internet and, in addition, the bank issues a payment card, which can be used to pay at merchants. Deposits from one crown to one million crowns will now appreciate by two percent a year. If the average daily balance for you here is not more than 40 thousand crowns, the bettor will be paid a jet bonus of more than one percent at the end of the year.

You don’t have to pay less than one million crowns, you only appreciate by a full percent. You should also pay attention to some paid services, for example, the issued paper entry will cost 69 crowns or the credit card payment from an ATM will cost 29 crowns.

You can also join a separate free savings here at Fio banka. The bank will now increase the value of deposits by 1.35 percent for the current year, but at least one hundred crowns must remain. Other pensions can be transferred at any time free of charge to one external party or to other ones that the client has at Fio. The control of this room is also available on the Internet, you can enter permanent payment orders free of charge and there is also a free payment card. However, the bank costs six crowns to withdraw from the SOB ATM and 30 crowns from the other ATMs.

How to value deposits on spoicch tech
Bank Nzev tu Ron rok v% Payment card to here
ING ING Account 1,75 Born
Axa Bank Spoic and 2 * plus 0.5 bonus ** Year
bank wire konto wire 1,35 Year
* one million crowns in the deposit, ** if the average daily balance is more than 40 thousand crowns, a bonus of more than one percent is paid at the end of the year, source: individual banks and their tariffs, as at 25 November 2010
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