Sunday Jan 23, 2022

The Gold Bank public award went to Internet Bank from GE Money Bank

Vera was awarded the results of the seventh round of the Golden Crown competition for the best financial products. The novelty of the year was the life insurance FLEXI from Pojiovna esk spoitelna and the public prize went to Internet Banka from GE Money Bank. The evaluators were independent experts from financial experts, publicists and […]

Collective boxes do not appeal to bank clients, but they are cheaper than a service at pepka

One of the ways to save time and pension on the basis of a one-time order to the castle, I can use the so-called collection box. For their clients, Zdly is only one of the domestic banks as an alternative to a cash flow order. However, many clients have not yet found their way to […]

f World Bank: Let’s talk about the reintroduction of the gold standard

The world economies should consider reintroducing a modified gold standard. This was suggested in the British Financial Times by the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick. According to him, the introduction of this system could help to balance the trade exchange, which was derailed by the artificially undervalued exchange rate in January. According to […]

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