Friday May 20, 2022

Cheap banks in R do not take place

Banks recently reported billions in profits last year and especially their number by a few percent compared to 2004. At the same time, 2005 was a year for banks, when both the Ministry of Finance and the client, who are not satisfied with their bank fees, found themselves in torture. How did the battle for […]

The city of cheap electricity received a thousand-year contractual penalty

You can save money by choosing a new electricity and gas supplier. But not all sales representatives are serious. And so it happens that instead of proposing a new and suitable contract, as a result, only invoices for the contractual penalty are documented. Bohumil Groda from Ostrava was visited last June by a sales representative […]

Mon shares will grow. But at first it is not good

In 2009, they recorded more than twenty percent growth. Last year, their price rose by an average of another 12 percent, regardless of the parents with the debt crisis in the eurozone and fears of its possible collapse. When it comes to stocks, their price has been rising lately, and anything is happening. In recent […]

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