Friday May 20, 2022

Do not file a rejected complaint. You can armor without a trial and for free

Getting your pension back for faulty goods or poor service is still a sweat in the Czech Republic. A number of sellers and companies have no way to acknowledge and calculate complaints, with customers being discouraged by lengthy litigation. In this case, try out-of-court consumer disputes. Out-of-court consumer disputes have been operating in the Czech […]

She filed a criminal complaint and the court ruled: Choose a common representative

If the company pays the deposit and is unable to take the product, including the services or the refund of the pension, then you will not be able to file an action in court. If all is damaged, the court may decide that they can only exercise their rights through a joint proxy. Mr. Vra […]

New feints of traders: goods from the 3 plus 1 event cannot be claimed for free

Some traders have invented the claimed trap, as a clever way around, so that customers do not return their pensions for defective goods. “But we always have it in our business conditions,” he claims. Secretly, with the fact that many people do not realize at all, that something is not in the horseshoe. One of […]

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